Making a mixed tape for an almost 4 year old.

This was easier to make than the playlist

This was easier to make than the playlist

This is harder than it seems. It would be easy to fill it with nursey rhymes but as it was going to be aired at a party with more adult’s then children I thought I should be considerate.

It was easy at the start, The Frozen soundtrack in full. No that wont work, only half of the album is made up of vocal numbers the other half is score, that would create a weird party atmosphere. Next favorite songs, Jake Bugg- Messed up Kids, Werid Al -Now that’s what I call polka, Metronomy- Love Letters,David Bowie Starman/Jean Geanie/Oh you Pretty Things!, Feist -1234 (in replacement of the amazing Sesame Street version that you cant buy).  Man that’s all a bit hip I better put on some chart stuff so I don’t sound like I’m rasing a hipster.

Katy Perry, that “Call Me Maybe” woman, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk  and Pharell. I even played Agadoo because she learnt it at nursery (Mr Crafty Mastermind thought it was a mistake and thought the playlist had stopped working). Then some Disney and Muppets to finish off.

It took me ages and ages to get half a list and lots of “Do you like this song?” “Well what songs do you like?” CHILD DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD PLAYLIST??? Obvisiouly not.

In the end It played through once or twice then went offline, someone played the whole soundtrack in full and then when it came back up online a chart show started playing and no one complained….I shouldn’t have bothered.

If this was my 4-year-old mix tape it would have been easy, it would have been Abba, Olivia Newton John and the hits from Young Talent Time.

What would your 4-year-old mix tape be?

The Friday Night Project.

I’m singing “it’s Friday night and I ain’t got no social life, I think I’m gonna go and make a bag”


I had been looking around the net for something pretty easy bag tutorial and at the same time didn’t require more than a meter of fabric. Why? This is because I’m that nice mixture of tight and skint because of this I have an extra tight fabric budget. So I only buy fabric in up to half meters unless I’m in Ikea. (One day I’ll write a post about quilting on the cheap)

So I found this very nice looking retro messenger bag at the Stitching Scientist.

For a bag novice like me it’s like a mine field the only other bag I had ever made was from the book Meet me at Mikes and it had turned out more like , thus forever being know as Skirt Bag. So this tutorial was pretty straight forward.

In some parts I cheated and in other parts I couldn’t. Such as I spent ages looking for an alternative to fleece interfacing because it is really expensive (£8.65 a meter, and this didn’t fit into my tight remit) But there was no alternative after reading way too many blogs about the stuff I just bit the bullet and bought a meter from my lovely local sewing shop. It gives it a soft quilty feel, I was tempted to use some wadding but I needed to iron it in. Just dont iron on the wrong side (the stick side) it was hard to get the glue off my iron and it’s still not the way it was.

I needed to cheat elsewhere. The tutorial did ask for a meter of the backing fabric, luckily I already had half a meter of the blue herringbone and I had seen that Plush Addict had it in a sale so I picked up another half a meter. I wouldn’t have needed it if I had not messed up one of the side panels and cut it in the wrong direction, so that was wasted on this project at least.

I guess the meter is to use for the lining, instead of using the expensive stuff I used the awesome Ikea £3 a meter stuff and it worked just as well.


The main difference was that in the strap I used the fleece interface instead of normal interfacing and it was a nice touch, it gives that bit of extra comfort when your using it for grocery shopping it wont dig in. But I am carefull so far not to overload it…c’mon I’m not that confident in my sewing skills. Also when your finishing off with the top stitch, make sure the hole is in the back part, I’m dumb I put mine in the front. I also finished it with top stitching about a quarter-inch around the top, It just felt like it needed it.


It’s easy to make I just need to work out how to put a zip in it the next time I make one.  That awesome front fabric is Alexander Henry-Lost at Sea. (I haven’t seen it in the UK as yet I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, it’s very beautiful I love it)

Yo DJ spin that wheel…..

I’ve not listened to too much new stuff this week, much of the same stuff as last week. I’ve put on to the music list Perfumed genius who reminds me of Mick Ronson, a modern-day glam song. I’ve also had Brian Eno playing , his early albums anyway I do like how he can move between pop and atmospheric instrumentals on the same album. I’ve included two amazing pop tracks.

Work had been busy this week by Tuesday I was trying all sorts of music to get me through to 5.

Ryan Adams worked for a bit, I thought about maybe War on Drugs or Jack White but it was so busy and my brain decided that it was sick of thinking it needed something big, bigger than Billy Ocean big (were talking big)., but that just wasn’t cutting it.

I’m going to destroy my reputation but I have mentioned them before so no big surprise. On went Roxette best of, that did the trick. Before I knew it, it was 5 I went home with a spring in my step and then put some more of them on while I cut fabric for the Halloween quilt. So there is it my escape from boring tasks music is Roxette, Im not embarrassed. I’m going to share that my mum took me to see them back in 1990 or something like that, it was my first proper buy a ticket not free in the park arena show. They were ok to what I can remeber, not much of a set.


After a dose of that it did make me want to listen to a bit of Heart and a bit of Nelson strangely enough.


It’s happened, I’ve turned into a tech dinosaur.

I thought this day wouldn’t come, or if it did I would be older , how foolish am I!!!  I saw this happen to my father in the 90’s turning from a massive tech head to whats this dvd player everyone’s talking about?

Mr Dinsosaur soon wont be able to listen to T-Rex on the go.

Mr dinosaur soon wont be able to listen to T-Rex on the go.

I heard this week that there is talk of Apple considering to cease production of the iPod. For a lot of people I know this is old news so this already displays how far behind I am. You see I still buy CD’s and burn them into my i-tunes, I still have dreams of opening a tiny record counter that s evaporating fast, of reuniting my two vinyl collections that are separated by the sea and setting up an amazing soundspace to work and listen to my amazing collection. With the sales vinyl resurfacing from the depths of the bargain bins (yay!) I thought we had reached a nice full circle. Not so!

I wouldn’t have this problem if there were a suitable replacement but at the moment there is nothing else on the market. I don’t like using my phone to listen to music on, its way to unreliable to hold my precious tracks on, Plus it wouldn’t be able to hold my entire collection – it wouldn’t even make a dent.

Yes I could use clouds to store all of my music on, but why would I do that? I don’t have much more control over that say if that company went bust or just decided to close, Is it fair in my understanding that I could just lose all of my stored stuff?

Why would I want to store all of my stuff on clouds anyway? Not to sound like some crazy person I am sick of companies such as Amazon knowing what I like and what guilty cd I bought through them and then offering me recommendations. I’m giving them market research for free. I find that annoying. If I want to listen to Roxette’s greatest hits in the privacy of my home I will without anyone else knowing about it. I like total anonymity when it suits me, and other times I like to tell the world what to listen to. But that’s my call.

Sounding like a nut job already? I will continue and now contradict myself a bit (cause that’s what I do).

I love Spotify, I love it I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have it as a teen. I wouldn’t have needed a Saturday job so I could buy records, I would have been exposed to a lot more stuff instead of what ever the radio choose to play. In some ways this would have been a good thing but also a bad thing.

So I love having it now, but if I were to replace my iPod their service with their service  I would need to pay for premium to take it everywhere with me, so there is my first beef,  paying for tracks (and streamed in lesser quality)I already own. The other being that the wi-fi/ reception service where I live is terrible and if you’re sitting on the train it’s worse so my service would be constantly disrupted which makes it hardly worth it. Sadly my lovely iPod is almost full and it occasionally shows sign that it’s just going to stop working one day so I probably need to shell out big bucks to buy another one before it all stops (and get round to backing it up on a hard drive).


What are these ye olde things of the past?

What are these ye olde things of the past?

As if all of this wasnt bad enough I read in one of the newspapers yesterday (print not online) that the whole concept of the full length album itself is old news and younger hipper artists are considering abandoning it to just be a hit making factory?? Heavens alive!!!! No artistic temperament there, no musical journey. I can’t see that happening with any credible artists….I hope.

After all the tragedy I thought an apt track to listen to would be Wezzer’s Say it aint so. Ironically this was not on my iPod and I had to go to Spotify. Isn’t there room in the world for both of them?

If anyone is interested the Guardian article can be found here, it’s annoying.

Just a short what I have listened to on repeat this week. I have talked about Jake Bugg before, but I havent listened to the first album until this week. It is amazing I wish I had been able to write songs like that when I was 18. Good heavens It went through once and I played it again, and then again until rockette was a bit sick of it and wanted to hear Frozen.

If you’re having a first listen, don’t be put off by the first four track they were all the hits and the stuff the press loved , from track 5 its amazing ,sad,soft and loving and has a lot of Bob Dylan and some country . To be honest I’m amazed that the album did as well as it did (the music is just not what you would expect). I love it and it hasn’t come off the stereo..I’ll be buying it on CD this week.


The monotony of the block & enjoying Weird Al amongst others.

I normally post once a week, but I just didn’t feel like I had anything to really contribute In the last 2 weeks  (until I made that random skirt).I’m in the middle of making a few different things.

The chevrons need putting onto bigger backing pieces now, I went into the lake of dread and finished one piece of the Alison Glass paper piecing blocks (and that was after picking it apart twice), Rockette’s massive quilt is still sitting in the corner still not based together let alone started to start quilting and the mock adult skirt is still sitting in amongst it with nothing done. I don’t know what it is but every time I open up my Tilly and the buttons book my head goes to mush.

What has turned into a bit of a chore is making 26 6″ star blocks for another quilt at the moment. Normally I really enjoy making blocks but this one has become more fiddily than I anticipated.



This small block uses an array of 1&3\4″ and 2″ pieces .Theses are so diddy that when I’m sewing a quarter-inch seam to turn them into tiny  triangles that when they go through the machine they fall in between the feed dogs and get mashed. Try unpicking that without destroying the fabric fibers and losing a bits of fabric.


Then each little square needs pressing and then each row needs pressing, there’s a lot of pressing so a lot of getting up a down, and a bit of burning fingers….


Then I sew all these little squares together and then sew them into little lines . That’s the bit taking me ages.


and low and behold you should have a small star block where all the points should meet together. (Most times this almost works, close enough).


All of this means that each block is taking about 40 minutes. I’ve done 10 over about 2 weeks!

(These blocks haven’t been blocked/ cut down to their correct size so that’s way they look a bit messy/longer in places)

I’m sad that I feel that this has turned more into a task now and not a source of real enjoyment but I’m sure once its done it will look pretty good.

Whats playing these last 2 weeks

On the music side of the last two weeks it has really been about Weird Al Yankovic. I’ve loved him since the 80’s at a time when I used to write terrible parodies. I had ambitions to be as good as him but sadly mine were  not. I crafted such embarrassingly titled delights such as   “Simply irrachookable” (Simply irresistable) and “I want your brand (Flakes)” (I want your love), why am  telling you this?? These are some of my most embarrassing moments in my life, these are my what are you thinking( whilst in mid performance) moments, these were all the other kids at school staring at you perplexed because you decided to perform it for some sort of school performance moments..I can’t go on I will just push that back in my to forget pile until someone works out how to remove it (it’s in good company it’s getting a bit close to capacity).

Anyway yes Werid Al, Word Crimes this should be learnt by all children in school. It really gets my goat when the english language is abused because of laziness or stupidity. So instead of getting annoyed I’m just gong to sing this song at people.  (I think I like singing at people I spent last week at work singing Metallica’s “Sad but True” after the end of every statement that everyone would make about the state of the work place. I know annoying yes?). I love the music for Blurred Lines I just hated the lyrics, now I can listen to it with it without conflicting emotion.

I love spellchecker. Now that’s what I call Polka! has also been big in our house. Listening a lot to that. He has done videos for 8 of his new tracks they are an amusing way to spend 4 minutes. What else is there to watch? Gordon Ramsey’s New Kitchen Nightmares USA? (Yes, yes you can watch that)

Weird Al is taking up most of my time the only other thing I’ve given over any time to is Sean Lennon’s new project The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger . This is the second outing Charlotte Kemp Muhl (she is also his girlfriend but then I thought it is sexist to just to refer to her as that).

I liked Lennon’s 2006 release ‘Friendly Fire” it was a lovely heart-break album. But I don’t think he gets the recognition he really deserves. I feel a bit sorry for him it must be difficult trying to make your way in a world when your father was a revolutionary. This is GOSTT second album, and I only came across this as I was flicking through a magazine at smith’s and was attracted to the sleeves art work (as we know I’m a sucker for art work). Its got a psychedelic multi layered summer feel to it. I keep comparing other music to the Webb Brothers but Last Call does remind of ‘Beyond the Atmosphere’ that and MGMT . It’s a nice record to chill out or sew to. Spotify tell me they are playing in Birmingham next week. Music clips are a bit weird (I shouldn’t be surprised really) so much so I had to switch off ,too odd for Rockette’s little eyes. (I couldn’t explain half of it, it was a bit pompus).

Last night I had a quick listen to Jenny Lewis new album which is streaming on Soundcloud before it’s release. So far so good I’ve been a fan of her work with Rilo Kiley and of her solo stuff , and to a lesser degree Johnny and Jenny. I hadn’t realised it’s been 5 years between solo albums, where did that go? I remember buying Rabbit Fur Coat. I was also still working at a record store mind.

This album is much more inward looking , far more personal and a well-rounded good body of work .I’ve added ‘One of the guys’ on the Spotify playlist this week just because I think it resonates with me more personally. She’s round my age and I think it’s an honest look at getting on . She is a great songwriter with twang’s of rock, country and americana. I’ll keep this one on rotation.

I’ve also been enjoying Cass Mc Combs album Big Wheel and Others. I’m slowly loving it, it’s made out of that kind of stuff. it was a twinge of country in its ballads. I cant compare it to much that comes to mind. I’m going to say The Triffids but it’s probably not much like it really.

This is getting out of hand! We have the new Sebastien Tellier album in our house, I love it but I’ll save it for next week.!

Venture into the world of dressmaking.

This actually isn’t my first try at dressmaking. When I first got my machine I did make a small top for a much smaller Rockette, but by the time I finished it she had already grown out of it, now it sits at a bottom of a draw.

But I had bought some lovely Riley Blake Unicorns and Rainbows fabric with the determination I was going to make a skirt.

So with the Opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games on in the background and feeling reluctant to make another block I put into Pintrest “easy kids skirts tutorials”. The easiest looking thing that came up was toted as “The easiest skirt you will ever make” that’ll do.

Easy it was, you can find the tutorial here

It took a whole hour and a bit to make (stopping of course to cheer on Australia when they entered the arena). The only things I will say is make sure you either zig zag/french hem/overlock all of the raw edges (the seam and the casing for the elastic) I thought I would do it further down the track but before I knew it I was done with not enough space on the seam to do it later (this was my own dumb fault for cutting it crooked and not leaving a big enough seam allowance)

. wpid-20140724_082734.jpg

I did enjoy making it. I don’t think it looks too home-made, I’d like to think it was something you could buy in one of those Whitstable boutiques. Next I’ll try a multi layered one.

The only complaint from Rockette was that it was too tight and then it was taken off as quickly as it was put on in exchange for her new Frozen t-shirt, that’s gratitude for ya!

On a completely different note look at the weird kind of things you can win at a regatta in 2014….


Yeah it’s a coconut. There was a weird Halloween punch ball thing too but I forgot to include it.

There’s another entry to follow shortly, nothing for 2 weeks and then I’m on fire!

The cheaters guide to quilting.

I thought this would have been finished months ago. But as usual it sat on a chair without binding for months.


I got the idea for this at a stand at the knitting and quilting show. I had been looking for a throw for my sofa to replace the grubby brown blankets I’ve had for years.

So I bought some arrows by Melody Miller which is a massive beautiful print (I have a thing for arrows) But as usual messed up by buying at least half a meter less than I really needed ( I’m a tight arse, that top trumps basic mathamatical facts). You can still get some from M is for Make.http://

The beauty of all of this is that you can have a fantastic looking quilt with minimal effort. Awesome project if you were short of time or wanted a big bold image.

So just your basic quilt sandwich with super thick wadding..which was a mistake its horrible to stick through my machine.
Quilted lines to follow the arrow details, added the binding Bobs your uncle all done!!!

I have tried to take some good photos but this weather has been deadful for a whole week now.



You could free motion a quilt top like this easily but as usual I want a simple life and used my walking foot. I know Im boring.

Short and sweet today. I’m very tired I sat up all night ( till half 4) putting together hexi’s for the chevron quilt and watching a bollywood film (which I am still only half way through!!!@!)

Nothing of much note on the music front this week, we spent Saturdays craft club(paper piecing from the begining) had a Big Bang Theory marathon on in the background. Hexi chevron finally coming to its end more soon!

Swimming in the sea of unfinished symphonies…with sound.

Quilting can take you on a long road, In my case several at the same time. This has been an ongoing issue for me since I was 4 with kindergarten teachers complaining I would do a bit of this and move on then a bit of something else yah yah yah. I say it’s a restless creative mind. Here I am many moons later doing the same thing.

I’m annoyed at all of this stuff hanging around and I just want to get on, it’s not an excuse but doing this whole social media thing is taking up much more of my time than I ever expected, wish there were more hours in the day. I’ll post all the stuff in full when it’s completed.

Unfinished 1


Remember the chevrons hanging off the fence in the 2nd post? The main bit is almost done I just need to do ends. I had a really crappy week last week and when I feel down I hand quilt like I’m possessed. So what I thought I would have finished in about a year was whittled down to a week. I’m already itching to find a new one to start this week (see here I go again) But I like to just sit on the sofa and put it together instead of going into my dining room and using the machine.

Unfinished 2

rectangle quilt

I have had  this for almost a year, Its enormous! much too large for the Rockette she’s going to have to grow into it. Can you feel my pain when I think about having to quilt this thing with my normal sewing machine that’s bigger than the free space of my living room floor? I’m hoping to do this free motion with flowers, I say this all the time and then chicken out so I’ll see how I go. Plus when am I going to find the time????

Untitled 3


I spent the nights in the forest sewing bits of hexis together and cutting up hundreds of pieces for the Alison Glass Feathers quilt. Its machine pieced (bit exciting) but it took planning and concentration and I still messed it up by cutting prints the wrong way or not enough. My brain is bad at maths and this quilt is a bit more important than the others , so extra concentration needed! More as that progresses..too be honest I’m afraid to start it. But look at the organisation of lunch bags for each of the blocks!!! Be impressed I am, Impressed and surprised.


Unfinished 4 (kind of)


I’ve been working on test blocks and they have now ended up on the backing of the giant quilt. all sorts of proud of these as I had to reduce the size of these only using my math brain..and it worked out!

Also went over to Plush Addict over the weekend too one of their few open days. It was a long drive but great to touch and feel the fabric, it’s really difficult sometimes buying online especially if the print is larger or smaller than expected, and when your on a tight budget you dont want to mess up your purchases.

I was very good and restrained. Its July so it’s only logical to buy Xmas fabric (im buying that a bit at a time pacing myself it’s too expensive otherwise). What is happening to me? I’m turning into an organised human being? Then we found the Rockette some fabric we thought she would like (Halloween who would have thought??) so that’s another quilt to start…..

.. wpid-20140706_183047.jpg wpid-20140706_182850.jpg

Enough of that progress will be updated.



I’m still catching up on all the Glastonbury footage that’s sitting on my planner, I’ve watched loads but there is still stacks on there.

Not to sound like everyone else, but how great was Dolly Parton? I don’t care if she mimed the Sax she was amazing, hoping to be that cool when im that age.

Oh Metallica, I was looking forward to you. I had watched them in 1999 on the S&M tour and they were enjoyable, I’m not a fan really but hanging out with the metal heads at school and then going to metal clubs in my late teens I’m familiar with most of the “hits” so to speak but Im not going to be one of these stupid hipsters coming out saying, yeah big fan..

I digress, It was a mixed performance, I have no idea what they were doing just playing weird tracks and in between James Hetfield going on about random stuff. But as usual Kirk Hamett was king of cool. When they did play “hits” they sounded great I was air drumming to my heart’s content.

The house of the crafty mastermind was not appreciative of it (the music not my drumming), but Rockette decided that she did like the guitars and drums in the end. WTF was going on with the beach balls? Did you see the size of them??


Jack white was great surprisingly (I saw him at Reading in 200 and something) I was distracted by the Edward Scissorhands/Michael Jackson look his got going on.

Signs of getting old 1, I was so glad that I was sitting on the sofa, tea in hand blanket on lap and not there in the cold wet mud. standing next too some tiolets someone has set on fire. I don’t think I have much of a desire  go to something on such a massive scale (watch me slide into middle age comfortably before I’m due).

On the playlist this week? I loved the Arcade Fire performance especially Win Butlers shoes and his masked crusader look


So two tracks from different albums. I’ve put Jake Bugg I love him and his making skiffle music popular. Bit of Metronomy again, and some Dinosaur Jr. but not old school stuff.

The great thing about them is that as they keep on producing new albums, unlike the majority of most bands their quality has not slipped all of the new stuff if just as good. Still wish I had the t-shirt that I wore everyday when I was 16.

It’s all been about Gruff Rhys/Super Furry Animals this week I have had them on repeat. It was hard to choose between the SFA songs but one from their classic album “Fuzzy Logic” and the other from the not so classic “Phantom Power” (hey not everything can be classic). Cant wait to see him in September.

XTC for good old measure, and my sister recommended Agnes Obel, what an utterly beautiful album. If you like the track listen to the whole thing its brilliant.

That it all for this time round! Dismissed!

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I’m over  the world cup (since Australia was knocked out) but Brazil v Germany is on at the moment and I feel so sorry for Brazil, you can see they have given up trying.

The death of the houses of rock n roll.

I am an anorak, I am a music nerd. I’m not complete devotee but when ever I go somewhere new I’m in the local record shop, i get a thrill when i see a sad teenager holding a sign for a record fair and i love a good rummage through a bargain bin. I’ve always been this way for as long as I can remember. From my dad taking me to my first record fair when I was 6 or 7 and buying me a copy of John Entwistle Whistling Rhymes thinking it was a kids album.
Shall I add a picture to show how inappropriate this was to buy a kid?

So being a music nerd it was the only thing I was interested in. In grade 6 I got into loads of trouble because the book smart nerds on my table didn’t like it that I wrote RunDMC and the Beastie Boys on my pencil case. Also when my mum sent me out to get some Maltese biscuits for my dad I came back with a Rebel MC 7″ instead…like she wasn’t going to notice! (She did as soon as I didn’t have the bag and I didn’t give back the cash). I dreamt of the albums i’d get, make long lists at Christmas and watch Video Hit’s from start to finish every Saturday morning.

All of this obsession isolated me from a large majority of fellow females everywhere..why is that???. Look if your going to be 14 and you want a hippy birthday party, don’t complain when I only bring hippy kind of music…

So at school I hung out with metal heads and the like. Being in the burbs in Australia there are not going to be stacks of people of either gender, who want to read your 4 month old copy of melody maker or NME. (That’s how long it took to get there).

Anyway I’m digressing as I do so well. This week I had gone to see chief mind messer Derren Brown, and in it he said the kids at school called him Dick Brain because he could memorize lots of stuff. When I was walking back home I said am I a music Dick Brain? You could be a dick brain about anything really couldn’t you?

The next morning a friend of mine had sent me a link to a collection of photos from the states of closing down and derelict record stores. This excited my dick brain but also made me sad about the demise of the once glorious and holy record store (its not all rose-tinted there was a lot of skanky ones about too)

I’ve worked at independent record stores, that was a good business but turned bad when the new owner’s only experience was how to work a petrol pump. It was still a nice job and I could go to work in a petticoat and jumper (it was the height of riot grrrl fashion!!!)

I moved to a chain where they originally only hired girls with big chest’s (I kid you not!) and another chain with a friendly dog (but hipster clicky staff) and one who was run for a time by a beardy man (with brilliant nerdy staff).

The thing about some of these places were was that they were about money than music, and more about being cool than living everyday with passion.

But the independent music store was my first taste and it made me feel like I was in a whole culture that understood me.  I was paid in CD’s most of the time unless we had a few sales but we would spend the day listening to UK imports and eating food behind the counter. I was a foundling and I was getting an education.

At this time I was heavy into Riot Grrl but things had been changing and I was listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin (2 mainly) and Big brother and the holding company and Janis Joplin, But this reignited my love for UK indie. I had been a shoegazer before grunge hit and it was here I was welcomed back into it’s arms, Pulp, Ash, Blur, Radiohead this was just before brit pop was massive in Australia but had already passed it’s used by date in the UK .

But as all good things this had to end and I went headlong into a world or corporate music retail, which a lot of people who used to work there really didn’t know a thing about music except that they liked Bon Jovi. But I was lucky because of my dick brain I had the free reign of stuff and my music knowledge grew. But it was still difficult as all my colleagues were 2pac and TLC fans so I was back on the outskirts with the odd person with similar tastes walk through the door. Here I was still a dick brain but I got alot of free tickets to shows because no one else wanted them.

Cut through this isn’t a CV. I finally worked in a store with more dick brains. Loads of nerds with amazing encyclopaedic knowledge about everything. The pay was crap , but that wasn’t the point. You could argue all day about the pop qualities in Roxette, drive people nuts if you wanted to play the new Joan as policewoman album on repeat, sit at lunchtime with people helping me with answers to the mojo crossword on or play Russian roulette with the cd’s. Our customers knew we were much nerdier than the listening dog store round the corner and come to us because we wouldn’t sneer when they asked for the X factor album or sigh when they were after was a rare classical recording. Even once a man bought the last Kula Shaker lp and I said I love them. He looked at me and said that’s not fair to joke. Joking I was not, I love Peasants, Pigs and astronauts. He was wrapt!

I’m sounding like a dinosaur I know. But for me it was never about being cool it was about where my obsession was and working with it everyday. I love Spotify and I like that if I want one song I don’t need to buy the whole album. It’s not all bad now.

I think what I’m getting at is It’s not being a woman or a dick brain really is it? it’s that with all stuff online there are not too many situations where older people can complain that they can’t find this rare pressing, or when they saw Bowie at Wembley or teenagers can go into to try to pinch stuff. There’s not many places where you can hold the prize in your hand.

Even when the record fair comes around there are less and less stall holders sometimes I’m amazed they still hold it. Once when I was into my 30s a stall holder once said to me if you need any help with what all the records and who’s who just ask me. I said I doubt I need help I’ve been doing these things since I was 6! Which was/ still is part of the problem isn’t it? Trying to buy albums with a pair of tits , I obviously have no idea what I’m looking for.. Scuse me sir do you have any Robbie Williams?

Apologies if this is indulgent….

Drinking beer in a church.


I have drunk beer in a church and it felt a bit weird. But I’m sure the priest is ok with it then so I am.

I was in St Mary the Virgin’s church in Ashford to see the amazing Cate Le Bon. Not only did she not disappoint but she completely surpassed my expectations. I wont write a load but you know what it’s like, you go and see a band you have wanted to see for ages, you get there and they sound terrible, just proving how much studio help they have had?

This was opposite all her songs sounded warm and fuzzy. I have been hooked on Mug museum since it was recommended to in back in March, so I’m a johnny come lately its true, but I’ve been catching up!

Live her voice was just as impressive hitting and holding high notes is always a good thing. All of the songs were performed with perfection.”Are you with me now”, “No God”, “Cyrk”,” I can’t help you” all sounded just amazing.That thrill that goes through you when your favorite song is played…4 in a row! (I say in a row, may not have techincally been in a row)

When she launched into “Wild” I couldn’t imagine what the elderly people in the front rows have thought. It was loud and raw and loud did I mention that?
2 encores of 1 song each.

The first song was a cover of I have no idea what but am willing to find out as it was brilliant. Nope it’s not on the set list website, someone, anyone know what it was?

The second was just Cate without her band singing “Frank Mills” from the Hair soundtrack. NOW let me just say I performed Hair in high school (under the name Aquarius as we were not allowed to use the name) and over time I have come to hate that soundtrack with a deep deep passion(I use to love it I went to see the stage production about 4 times as a teen) so when she began to sing something changed, it was haunting and lonely and wonderful all at the same time. It made me stop breathing for a second.

That was the end of it all. Short and sweet around an hours worth.

The venue was just beautiful. I cant wait to see Gruff Rhys in September! Some one needs to book Nick Cave into that place…could you imagine…..

Also the support act were Tender Prey, she was pretty darn good. Hoping to hear more stuff of her’s in the future.

Ms Le Bon at Glasto this weekend so hopefully the BBC will be showing it on TV check it out. Do I sound a bit girl crush gushing? Probably. Maybe I need to get out more.

Sorry about bit rubbish photo, I was trying to use it without a flash.