We have lift off!!!

We have lift off!!

Its here the maiden voyage. I have been putting this off for two weeks worrying about templates but now its here!

How are we all? I’m nervous but i’m going to try to get past that and let you know what I have been up to in the last few weeks craft wise and then a bit later on what I have been listening too. This sounds like music to quilt by! But that sounds a bit boring.

This will also be a place where I will update on what the Saturday craft collective are doing .We need a better name than that (and stitch n bitch was taken years ago) Suggestions on the back of an envelope.

Where to start?

A few weeks ago I completed the first quilt I embarked on (I had completed a few more in-between). If anyone had seen me around a year ago they would have remembered me surrounded by hundreds of hexagons. The quilt has all been pieced by hand using EPP (English paper piecing) with the back, binding and quilting finished on machine (I’m not that good or patient!)

Hexigon Quilt

Hexigon Quilt


The back with lovely smores fabric and Riley Blake houses

P1000742   P1000740

EPP is great if your not home a lot. I was taking these pieces with me everywhere! If you are interested in starting EPP I learned from two great books. The first beng  Quilting on the go by Jessica Alexandrakis and the other being Hex a-go-go by Tacha Brurcher.

In the end I just made up my own pattern. It’s by no means perfect but I’m happy with it.

Apologies for the photos they are dark but I did  them while we still had a bit of sun before UK was hit with this ghastly weather.

In the works is another quilt from Hex a-go-go but this will take forever to put together, it is so time consuming!!!!

Really i’m not joking its really slow paced but here is where I’m up to. I just stick the whole thing in my coffee table and just pretend its not there most of the time.

EPP in progress

EPP in progress


still to go!

still to go!


After my machine decided once it got to the sewing shop that there was nothing wrong with it. (This always happens..i’m not very tech friendly) I’ve been able to start the test blocks for Alison glass Feathers quilt.

This is machine paper piecing which I have never done before. So far not as obviously easy as I thought (of course!) its quite difficult to piece light pieces after dark. More on that in later weeks as it progresses.

.feathers construction

There lots of other stuff on the go, i wont bore you with all the details.


On the music side this week

On the side there is  Spotify playlist with all the kinds of stuff I’ve been listening to this week feel free to love it or hate it.

There’s a few Welsh artist in there (I do love Welsh music) some other brilliant bits and bobs and old Midnight Juggernauts track. You see I was going to include the new Midnight Juggernauts track but, and i’m very sad to say this, it’s just not all that good think 90’s hip cafe music.

Of late I’ve been a bit behind on Australian music lately ,but discovered the Blackeyed Susan’s cover of Private Dancer. They have truly made it their own. It has the feel that I’m in a pub in the remote Australian bush and the band are playing in the corner. If you like what you hear take a listen to either  Welcome Stranger or All souls alive, both beautiful albums.

I’ve also put up a wonderful piece of music from the multi-talented Matt Berry (yep from IT crowd etc). His last two albums Witch hazel and Kill the Wolf were  brilliant folksy English  albums. Sometimes with a feel of Wicker man to them (you know what I mean). So this is different, But I’m open minded.

This track does sound like my dreams ethereal and angelic. Its a work of art.

The last link I’m going to add is a brilliant song by Teleman, The album isn’t out to June 2nd, which isn’t very far away but I feel like I’ve been waiting ages now. It has a a 90’s britpop cast off feel to it (think Rialto but much better .That is an unfair description but it just reminds me of them). But it sounds big very big, just play it quite loud it’s lush.


Over Christmas I was given a hefty book titled 1001 albums to listen to before you die. What a challenge! Flicking through it I reckon Ive already listened to about half of them during some part of my life but what the hell lets revisit them….Not all at once but once a week Ill pop a random one up. Flicking through the heavy tome of the 1001 book I cant see Please Hammer don’t hurt them by MC hammer or say Velveteen by Transvision Vamp, which is sad.

So I will start of page 2, just because I couldn’t contain my excitement, sorry ol’ blue eyes you will have to wait till another time.


Elvis Presley- Elvis Presley 13th March 1956

The Album opens with Blue suede shoes, what a song to announce your arrival. Imagine your a teenager in 1956 you have already been drawn in with that amazing album artwork and then you hear that song. Exhilarating!

The next song” Im counting on you” is not so much, but its not crap either just a nice little slow dance ditty. Then “I’ve got a woman comes on” I just wanna dance all over the place, maybe I love this because my Dad always sung it but that great double bass ripping through it and the guitar solo in the middle how could you not??

The rest of the album is a mix of  jive hopping rockabilly (Just Because),12 bar blues and smooth ballads. “I love you because” sounds uncannily like Blue Hawaii and his cover of Tutti Frutti is justified but still cant touch Little Richards version. “Trying to get to you” is as bluesy as Elvis gets, it makes me want to listen to the same song on the ’68 Comeback Special which is a much raunchier version.  Finally “Blue Moon” could have appeared in any David Lynch film.

This is the birth of rock n roll,  you cant under sell it.


That’s it for today, Hope I didn’t bore the Bejesus out of you!