The first meeting of Craftwerk commences.

Well what I have discovered is that my name is a sham and a fraud. I’m not the crafty mastermind at all.  I have been conquered by crochet and in a grand way. I am CRAP at it,well and truly.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the first meeting of Craftwerk began innocently we all sat outside to learn some crochet and hopefully learn how to make some granny squares. We had two of us (them not me) who were experienced crocheters who could knock up gloves within an hour, to teach the other three of us the art of the one needled stitch.


I have been trying to learn for about 2 years now how to do it but I just didn’t get it (Like swimming I don’t get that either) I couldn’t cast on.

On Saturday It appears that I was the only one with this problem, as we went on the others were onto layer 2, then layer 3 I was still stuck making very tight stitches on layer 1.

pathetic really this is as far as I got.

I  had finally got to a point where I thought woo hoo I’m doing it. I went to make cups of teas and rounds of toast came back and it was all over. My mind decided to discard it as unwanted information (it does the same things with maths and science but sadly retains useless stuff about music like all the song lyrics for every song ever recorded in the 90’s. Who even cares about that stuff??? I’m not saving lives with that little gem am I?)

All the stitches were on so tight I couldn’t move the needle through and then kept forgetting to count how many stitched i had looped through. Someone then gave me an already established bit to continue with and I messed that one up too!

So I admit I got grumpy and opted out for the rest of the afternoon so while everyone else crocheted happily I took off washing on the line.

crocheted goods


As you can see much good work was done that day so well done to the rest of the ladies who took to it like Jimi Hendrix to an electric guitar. Sadly this is not for me. Do try it though, I may be the only person anywhere who just can not crochet.

I wonder if anyone else wrote writes a blog feel like Dougie Howser M.D at the end of their entry?

As for the music today…

First Aid Kit’s new album is out. Im a big fan of their other albums and this one sounds the same. Theres no surprises here, if you haven’t liked them in the past I doubt you’re going to like them now. It is an enjoyable listen and It will be played quite a few more times in my house I’m sure.

The surprise of the day for me is the new Lykke Li album.  There is a fan of her’s residing in my house, I have had to see her live and listen to her records unconvinced. I was always sure that she had not found her own voice yet and just impersonated her influences. Harsh? Maybe so. That is why I was surprised when I listened to “I never learn” To her standards is it over produced but I like that. The songs are much more mature and have more depth. Its a really nice album, I like an album with strings.

On 6 music a Mick Ronson song came on which I haven’t heard before (To be honest I haven’t heard anything apart from his Bowie contributions). As I had no idea who it was it could have easily been contemporary in that “homage to the past”vibe. Its different a bit glam.

Bit of Blood Orange/ Lightspeed Champion. I know artists need to grow but I really loved Lightspeed Champion it will be sad if Dev Hynes leaves him in the past.

Before I go tonight I just wanted to pay a small tribute to Rik Mayall who passed away today.

I was obsessed with the Young Ones from about 14, going as far as ripping off whole episodes for a play I wrote in year 11. He was a big influence in my writing (when I thought I was a teen stand up) and was my introduction to Alternative comedy.  My sister and I use to spend hours reciting all of the lines from the episodes…which we still today.

So heres the episode Bambi which was the first thing I thought of when I got the text message. Goodnight Rik it’s sad to see you go.




3 thoughts on “The first meeting of Craftwerk commences.

  1. Lilian says:

    I’m enjoying what I’ve heard (not much) of First Aid Kit as well. I’ve only done a tiny bit of crochet – just for a fastening on some knitting once, but kit was OK. I think in some ways it might be easier than knitting, especially for things which you would have to knit in the round if knitting them. I haven’t knitted much for ages 😦


  2. Lesley says:

    I like First Aid Kit but I haven’t listened to the latest album – another album to add to my Spotify list. Do youu still have your manuscripts you wrote when you were 11? When I lived in London I used to go and see a lot of alternative comedy in small venues


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