The cushions finally get to grace the sofa together.


Well it was a mad dash to finish it but finally the first cushion would not look lonely by itself on the sofa (not that much else matches in the house).

They are both made using epp so all sewn by hand but quilted on my sewing machine. as I said I can not hand sitch neatly.. It took forever to do each one. I always go in to it really optimistic get half way through and think why have I started this? But im always happy with the results. using this technique means I can’t do any crooked lines on the machine and realise only when I’m quilting that there are gaping holes in the piece (More on that in the next entry).

As you can probably notice one looks more worn than the other, there is probably at least 6 months between them and someone like to sit on it to watch tv. Also I washed it in a 30 degree wash and was saddened to see that the beautiful deer Kokka fabric in the center had faded…lessons learnt.

They are easy to make. The pattern came from the first issue of Love quilting and patchwork and was designed by Katy Jones, I’ve no idea if it’s available elsewhere.


No music for this one. The next 1001 album was David Bowie’s Heroes. If you havent heard this, why the hell not? Go listen to it now! It’s not as good as Ziggy Stardust but it’s pretty darn fine and captures the feel of east/west Germany.

The painful earworm I’m having to deal with is I Alone by Live. I’m not putting it on my Spotify list, if you’re not aware of the song your probably very lucky. I’ve not heard it since 1994 and I didn’t like it then, But a few days ago there I was sitting on my living room floor minding my own business when it decided to invade my head…and it hasn’t left!!!! No matter how many times I listen to it. Whats even worse in this sad tale is that when I let the album play there were at least 4 other songs I knew all the words too…I promise I never owned it. The record store that I was working for at the time did heavily promote it so It must have slipped into my subconscious and stayed there just like Foster and Allen’s greatest hits and some terrible Van Morrison album he released in 2001.

If anyone else has had an embarrassing email this week or wish to defend Live (or in fact you are Live) leave a comment and we can discuss. (apologies if you are Live)


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