Drinking beer in a church.


I have drunk beer in a church and it felt a bit weird. But I’m sure the priest is ok with it then so I am.

I was in St Mary the Virgin’s church in Ashford to see the amazing Cate Le Bon. Not only did she not disappoint but she completely surpassed my expectations. I wont write a load but you know what it’s like, you go and see a band you have wanted to see for ages, you get there and they sound terrible, just proving how much studio help they have had?

This was opposite all her songs sounded warm and fuzzy. I have been hooked on Mug museum since it was recommended to in back in March, so I’m a johnny come lately its true, but I’ve been catching up!

Live her voice was just as impressive hitting and holding high notes is always a good thing. All of the songs were performed with perfection.”Are you with me now”, “No God”, “Cyrk”,” I can’t help you” all sounded just amazing.That thrill that goes through you when your favorite song is played…4 in a row! (I say in a row, may not have techincally been in a row)

When she launched into “Wild” I couldn’t imagine what the elderly people in the front rows have thought. It was loud and raw and loud did I mention that?
2 encores of 1 song each.

The first song was a cover of I have no idea what but am willing to find out as it was brilliant. Nope it’s not on the set list website, someone, anyone know what it was?

The second was just Cate without her band singing “Frank Mills” from the Hair soundtrack. NOW let me just say I performed Hair in high school (under the name Aquarius as we were not allowed to use the name) and over time I have come to hate that soundtrack with a deep deep passion(I use to love it I went to see the stage production about 4 times as a teen) so when she began to sing something changed, it was haunting and lonely and wonderful all at the same time. It made me stop breathing for a second.

That was the end of it all. Short and sweet around an hours worth.

The venue was just beautiful. I cant wait to see Gruff Rhys in September! Some one needs to book Nick Cave into that place…could you imagine…..

Also the support act were Tender Prey, she was pretty darn good. Hoping to hear more stuff of her’s in the future.

Ms Le Bon at Glasto this weekend so hopefully the BBC will be showing it on TV check it out. Do I sound a bit girl crush gushing? Probably. Maybe I need to get out more.

Sorry about bit rubbish photo, I was trying to use it without a flash.


3 thoughts on “Drinking beer in a church.

  1. Martin Edwards says:

    I’ve seen Cate le Bon about four times and she’s always quality. I saw her do a Welsh language set once, I think it was the loudest gig I’ve ever been to.


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