Swimming in the sea of unfinished symphonies…with sound.

Quilting can take you on a long road, In my case several at the same time. This has been an ongoing issue for me since I was 4 with kindergarten teachers complaining I would do a bit of this and move on then a bit of something else yah yah yah. I say it’s a restless creative mind. Here I am many moons later doing the same thing.

I’m annoyed at all of this stuff hanging around and I just want to get on, it’s not an excuse but doing this whole social media thing is taking up much more of my time than I ever expected, wish there were more hours in the day. I’ll post all the stuff in full when it’s completed.

Unfinished 1


Remember the chevrons hanging off the fence in the 2nd post? The main bit is almost done I just need to do ends. I had a really crappy week last week and when I feel down I hand quilt like I’m possessed. So what I thought I would have finished in about a year was whittled down to a week. I’m already itching to find a new one to start this week (see here I go again) But I like to just sit on the sofa and put it together instead of going into my dining room and using the machine.

Unfinished 2

rectangle quilt

I have had  this for almost a year, Its enormous! much too large for the Rockette she’s going to have to grow into it. Can you feel my pain when I think about having to quilt this thing with my normal sewing machine that’s bigger than the free space of my living room floor? I’m hoping to do this free motion with flowers, I say this all the time and then chicken out so I’ll see how I go. Plus when am I going to find the time????

Untitled 3


I spent the nights in the forest sewing bits of hexis together and cutting up hundreds of pieces for the Alison Glass Feathers quilt. Its machine pieced (bit exciting) but it took planning and concentration and I still messed it up by cutting prints the wrong way or not enough. My brain is bad at maths and this quilt is a bit more important than the others , so extra concentration needed! More as that progresses..too be honest I’m afraid to start it. But look at the organisation of lunch bags for each of the blocks!!! Be impressed I am, Impressed and surprised.


Unfinished 4 (kind of)


I’ve been working on test blocks and they have now ended up on the backing of the giant quilt. all sorts of proud of these as I had to reduce the size of these only using my math brain..and it worked out!

Also went over to Plush Addict over the weekend too one of their few open days. It was a long drive but great to touch and feel the fabric, it’s really difficult sometimes buying online especially if the print is larger or smaller than expected, and when your on a tight budget you dont want to mess up your purchases.

I was very good and restrained. Its July so it’s only logical to buy Xmas fabric (im buying that a bit at a time pacing myself it’s too expensive otherwise). What is happening to me? I’m turning into an organised human being? Then we found the Rockette some fabric we thought she would like (Halloween who would have thought??) so that’s another quilt to start…..

.. wpid-20140706_183047.jpg wpid-20140706_182850.jpg

Enough of that progress will be updated.



I’m still catching up on all the Glastonbury footage that’s sitting on my planner, I’ve watched loads but there is still stacks on there.

Not to sound like everyone else, but how great was Dolly Parton? I don’t care if she mimed the Sax she was amazing, hoping to be that cool when im that age.

Oh Metallica, I was looking forward to you. I had watched them in 1999 on the S&M tour and they were enjoyable, I’m not a fan really but hanging out with the metal heads at school and then going to metal clubs in my late teens I’m familiar with most of the “hits” so to speak but Im not going to be one of these stupid hipsters coming out saying, yeah big fan..

I digress, It was a mixed performance, I have no idea what they were doing just playing weird tracks and in between James Hetfield going on about random stuff. But as usual Kirk Hamett was king of cool. When they did play “hits” they sounded great I was air drumming to my heart’s content.

The house of the crafty mastermind was not appreciative of it (the music not my drumming), but Rockette decided that she did like the guitars and drums in the end. WTF was going on with the beach balls? Did you see the size of them??


Jack white was great surprisingly (I saw him at Reading in 200 and something) I was distracted by the Edward Scissorhands/Michael Jackson look his got going on.

Signs of getting old 1, I was so glad that I was sitting on the sofa, tea in hand blanket on lap and not there in the cold wet mud. standing next too some tiolets someone has set on fire. I don’t think I have much of a desire  go to something on such a massive scale (watch me slide into middle age comfortably before I’m due).

On the playlist this week? I loved the Arcade Fire performance especially Win Butlers shoes and his masked crusader look


So two tracks from different albums. I’ve put Jake Bugg I love him and his making skiffle music popular. Bit of Metronomy again, and some Dinosaur Jr. but not old school stuff.

The great thing about them is that as they keep on producing new albums, unlike the majority of most bands their quality has not slipped all of the new stuff if just as good. Still wish I had the t-shirt that I wore everyday when I was 16.

It’s all been about Gruff Rhys/Super Furry Animals this week I have had them on repeat. It was hard to choose between the SFA songs but one from their classic album “Fuzzy Logic” and the other from the not so classic “Phantom Power” (hey not everything can be classic). Cant wait to see him in September.

XTC for good old measure, and my sister recommended Agnes Obel, what an utterly beautiful album. If you like the track listen to the whole thing its brilliant.

That it all for this time round! Dismissed!

If you did like this post please share it and let the world know.

I’m over  the world cup (since Australia was knocked out) but Brazil v Germany is on at the moment and I feel so sorry for Brazil, you can see they have given up trying.


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