The cheaters guide to quilting.

I thought this would have been finished months ago. But as usual it sat on a chair without binding for months.


I got the idea for this at a stand at the knitting and quilting show. I had been looking for a throw for my sofa to replace the grubby brown blankets I’ve had for years.

So I bought some arrows by Melody Miller which is a massive beautiful print (I have a thing for arrows) But as usual messed up by buying at least half a meter less than I really needed ( I’m a tight arse, that top trumps basic mathamatical facts). You can still get some from M is for Make.http://

The beauty of all of this is that you can have a fantastic looking quilt with minimal effort. Awesome project if you were short of time or wanted a big bold image.

So just your basic quilt sandwich with super thick wadding..which was a mistake its horrible to stick through my machine.
Quilted lines to follow the arrow details, added the binding Bobs your uncle all done!!!

I have tried to take some good photos but this weather has been deadful for a whole week now.



You could free motion a quilt top like this easily but as usual I want a simple life and used my walking foot. I know Im boring.

Short and sweet today. I’m very tired I sat up all night ( till half 4) putting together hexi’s for the chevron quilt and watching a bollywood film (which I am still only half way through!!!@!)

Nothing of much note on the music front this week, we spent Saturdays craft club(paper piecing from the begining) had a Big Bang Theory marathon on in the background. Hexi chevron finally coming to its end more soon!

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