Venture into the world of dressmaking.

This actually isn’t my first try at dressmaking. When I first got my machine I did make a small top for a much smaller Rockette, but by the time I finished it she had already grown out of it, now it sits at a bottom of a draw.

But I had bought some lovely Riley Blake Unicorns and Rainbows fabric with the determination I was going to make a skirt.

So with the Opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games on in the background and feeling reluctant to make another block I put into Pintrest “easy kids skirts tutorials”. The easiest looking thing that came up was toted as “The easiest skirt you will ever make” that’ll do.

Easy it was, you can find the tutorial here

It took a whole hour and a bit to make (stopping of course to cheer on Australia when they entered the arena). The only things I will say is make sure you either zig zag/french hem/overlock all of the raw edges (the seam and the casing for the elastic) I thought I would do it further down the track but before I knew it I was done with not enough space on the seam to do it later (this was my own dumb fault for cutting it crooked and not leaving a big enough seam allowance)

. wpid-20140724_082734.jpg

I did enjoy making it. I don’t think it looks too home-made, I’d like to think it was something you could buy in one of those Whitstable boutiques. Next I’ll try a multi layered one.

The only complaint from Rockette was that it was too tight and then it was taken off as quickly as it was put on in exchange for her new Frozen t-shirt, that’s gratitude for ya!

On a completely different note look at the weird kind of things you can win at a regatta in 2014….


Yeah it’s a coconut. There was a weird Halloween punch ball thing too but I forgot to include it.

There’s another entry to follow shortly, nothing for 2 weeks and then I’m on fire!


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