The monotony of the block & enjoying Weird Al amongst others.

I normally post once a week, but I just didn’t feel like I had anything to really contribute In the last 2 weeks  (until I made that random skirt).I’m in the middle of making a few different things.

The chevrons need putting onto bigger backing pieces now, I went into the lake of dread and finished one piece of the Alison Glass paper piecing blocks (and that was after picking it apart twice), Rockette’s massive quilt is still sitting in the corner still not based together let alone started to start quilting and the mock adult skirt is still sitting in amongst it with nothing done. I don’t know what it is but every time I open up my Tilly and the buttons book my head goes to mush.

What has turned into a bit of a chore is making 26 6″ star blocks for another quilt at the moment. Normally I really enjoy making blocks but this one has become more fiddily than I anticipated.



This small block uses an array of 1&3\4″ and 2″ pieces .Theses are so diddy that when I’m sewing a quarter-inch seam to turn them into tiny  triangles that when they go through the machine they fall in between the feed dogs and get mashed. Try unpicking that without destroying the fabric fibers and losing a bits of fabric.


Then each little square needs pressing and then each row needs pressing, there’s a lot of pressing so a lot of getting up a down, and a bit of burning fingers….


Then I sew all these little squares together and then sew them into little lines . That’s the bit taking me ages.


and low and behold you should have a small star block where all the points should meet together. (Most times this almost works, close enough).


All of this means that each block is taking about 40 minutes. I’ve done 10 over about 2 weeks!

(These blocks haven’t been blocked/ cut down to their correct size so that’s way they look a bit messy/longer in places)

I’m sad that I feel that this has turned more into a task now and not a source of real enjoyment but I’m sure once its done it will look pretty good.

Whats playing these last 2 weeks

On the music side of the last two weeks it has really been about Weird Al Yankovic. I’ve loved him since the 80’s at a time when I used to write terrible parodies. I had ambitions to be as good as him but sadly mine were  not. I crafted such embarrassingly titled delights such as   “Simply irrachookable” (Simply irresistable) and “I want your brand (Flakes)” (I want your love), why am  telling you this?? These are some of my most embarrassing moments in my life, these are my what are you thinking( whilst in mid performance) moments, these were all the other kids at school staring at you perplexed because you decided to perform it for some sort of school performance moments..I can’t go on I will just push that back in my to forget pile until someone works out how to remove it (it’s in good company it’s getting a bit close to capacity).

Anyway yes Werid Al, Word Crimes this should be learnt by all children in school. It really gets my goat when the english language is abused because of laziness or stupidity. So instead of getting annoyed I’m just gong to sing this song at people.  (I think I like singing at people I spent last week at work singing Metallica’s “Sad but True” after the end of every statement that everyone would make about the state of the work place. I know annoying yes?). I love the music for Blurred Lines I just hated the lyrics, now I can listen to it with it without conflicting emotion.

I love spellchecker. Now that’s what I call Polka! has also been big in our house. Listening a lot to that. He has done videos for 8 of his new tracks they are an amusing way to spend 4 minutes. What else is there to watch? Gordon Ramsey’s New Kitchen Nightmares USA? (Yes, yes you can watch that)

Weird Al is taking up most of my time the only other thing I’ve given over any time to is Sean Lennon’s new project The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger . This is the second outing Charlotte Kemp Muhl (she is also his girlfriend but then I thought it is sexist to just to refer to her as that).

I liked Lennon’s 2006 release ‘Friendly Fire” it was a lovely heart-break album. But I don’t think he gets the recognition he really deserves. I feel a bit sorry for him it must be difficult trying to make your way in a world when your father was a revolutionary. This is GOSTT second album, and I only came across this as I was flicking through a magazine at smith’s and was attracted to the sleeves art work (as we know I’m a sucker for art work). Its got a psychedelic multi layered summer feel to it. I keep comparing other music to the Webb Brothers but Last Call does remind of ‘Beyond the Atmosphere’ that and MGMT . It’s a nice record to chill out or sew to. Spotify tell me they are playing in Birmingham next week. Music clips are a bit weird (I shouldn’t be surprised really) so much so I had to switch off ,too odd for Rockette’s little eyes. (I couldn’t explain half of it, it was a bit pompus).

Last night I had a quick listen to Jenny Lewis new album which is streaming on Soundcloud before it’s release. So far so good I’ve been a fan of her work with Rilo Kiley and of her solo stuff , and to a lesser degree Johnny and Jenny. I hadn’t realised it’s been 5 years between solo albums, where did that go? I remember buying Rabbit Fur Coat. I was also still working at a record store mind.

This album is much more inward looking , far more personal and a well-rounded good body of work .I’ve added ‘One of the guys’ on the Spotify playlist this week just because I think it resonates with me more personally. She’s round my age and I think it’s an honest look at getting on . She is a great songwriter with twang’s of rock, country and americana. I’ll keep this one on rotation.

I’ve also been enjoying Cass Mc Combs album Big Wheel and Others. I’m slowly loving it, it’s made out of that kind of stuff. it was a twinge of country in its ballads. I cant compare it to much that comes to mind. I’m going to say The Triffids but it’s probably not much like it really.

This is getting out of hand! We have the new Sebastien Tellier album in our house, I love it but I’ll save it for next week.!

2 thoughts on “The monotony of the block & enjoying Weird Al amongst others.

  1. Lilian says:

    I love Weird Al! Haven’t heard ‘Word Crimes’ yet. I was like you – loved the music for ‘Blurred Lines’ but hated the lyrics, so hoping I can now listen to the tune and enjoy it a bit more! I think my favourite Weird Al song is ‘Pretty Fly for a Rabbi’, but ‘Amish Paradise’ is good, too.

    I remember my grandma trying to teach me to make those star quilting pieces by hand when I was younger. I think I lost patience quite quickly!


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