It’s happened, I’ve turned into a tech dinosaur.

I thought this day wouldn’t come, or if it did I would be older , how foolish am I!!!  I saw this happen to my father in the 90’s turning from a massive tech head to whats this dvd player everyone’s talking about?

Mr Dinsosaur soon wont be able to listen to T-Rex on the go.

Mr dinosaur soon wont be able to listen to T-Rex on the go.

I heard this week that there is talk of Apple considering to cease production of the iPod. For a lot of people I know this is old news so this already displays how far behind I am. You see I still buy CD’s and burn them into my i-tunes, I still have dreams of opening a tiny record counter that s evaporating fast, of reuniting my two vinyl collections that are separated by the sea and setting up an amazing soundspace to work and listen to my amazing collection. With the sales vinyl resurfacing from the depths of the bargain bins (yay!) I thought we had reached a nice full circle. Not so!

I wouldn’t have this problem if there were a suitable replacement but at the moment there is nothing else on the market. I don’t like using my phone to listen to music on, its way to unreliable to hold my precious tracks on, Plus it wouldn’t be able to hold my entire collection – it wouldn’t even make a dent.

Yes I could use clouds to store all of my music on, but why would I do that? I don’t have much more control over that say if that company went bust or just decided to close, Is it fair in my understanding that I could just lose all of my stored stuff?

Why would I want to store all of my stuff on clouds anyway? Not to sound like some crazy person I am sick of companies such as Amazon knowing what I like and what guilty cd I bought through them and then offering me recommendations. I’m giving them market research for free. I find that annoying. If I want to listen to Roxette’s greatest hits in the privacy of my home I will without anyone else knowing about it. I like total anonymity when it suits me, and other times I like to tell the world what to listen to. But that’s my call.

Sounding like a nut job already? I will continue and now contradict myself a bit (cause that’s what I do).

I love Spotify, I love it I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have it as a teen. I wouldn’t have needed a Saturday job so I could buy records, I would have been exposed to a lot more stuff instead of what ever the radio choose to play. In some ways this would have been a good thing but also a bad thing.

So I love having it now, but if I were to replace my iPod their service with their service  I would need to pay for premium to take it everywhere with me, so there is my first beef,  paying for tracks (and streamed in lesser quality)I already own. The other being that the wi-fi/ reception service where I live is terrible and if you’re sitting on the train it’s worse so my service would be constantly disrupted which makes it hardly worth it. Sadly my lovely iPod is almost full and it occasionally shows sign that it’s just going to stop working one day so I probably need to shell out big bucks to buy another one before it all stops (and get round to backing it up on a hard drive).


What are these ye olde things of the past?

What are these ye olde things of the past?

As if all of this wasnt bad enough I read in one of the newspapers yesterday (print not online) that the whole concept of the full length album itself is old news and younger hipper artists are considering abandoning it to just be a hit making factory?? Heavens alive!!!! No artistic temperament there, no musical journey. I can’t see that happening with any credible artists….I hope.

After all the tragedy I thought an apt track to listen to would be Wezzer’s Say it aint so. Ironically this was not on my iPod and I had to go to Spotify. Isn’t there room in the world for both of them?

If anyone is interested the Guardian article can be found here, it’s annoying.
Just a short what I have listened to on repeat this week. I have talked about Jake Bugg before, but I havent listened to the first album until this week. It is amazing I wish I had been able to write songs like that when I was 18. Good heavens It went through once and I played it again, and then again until rockette was a bit sick of it and wanted to hear Frozen.

If you’re having a first listen, don’t be put off by the first four track they were all the hits and the stuff the press loved , from track 5 its amazing ,sad,soft and loving and has a lot of Bob Dylan and some country . To be honest I’m amazed that the album did as well as it did (the music is just not what you would expect). I love it and it hasn’t come off the stereo..I’ll be buying it on CD this week.


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