Making a mixed tape for an almost 4 year old.

This was easier to make than the playlist

This was easier to make than the playlist

This is harder than it seems. It would be easy to fill it with nursey rhymes but as it was going to be aired at a party with more adult’s then children I thought I should be considerate.

It was easy at the start, The Frozen soundtrack in full. No that wont work, only half of the album is made up of vocal numbers the other half is score, that would create a weird party atmosphere. Next favorite songs, Jake Bugg- Messed up Kids, Werid Al -Now that’s what I call polka, Metronomy- Love Letters,David Bowie Starman/Jean Geanie/Oh you Pretty Things!, Feist -1234 (in replacement of the amazing Sesame Street version that you cant buy).  Man that’s all a bit hip I better put on some chart stuff so I don’t sound like I’m rasing a hipster.

Katy Perry, that “Call Me Maybe” woman, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk  and Pharell. I even played Agadoo because she learnt it at nursery (Mr Crafty Mastermind thought it was a mistake and thought the playlist had stopped working). Then some Disney and Muppets to finish off.

It took me ages and ages to get half a list and lots of “Do you like this song?” “Well what songs do you like?” CHILD DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD PLAYLIST??? Obvisiouly not.

In the end It played through once or twice then went offline, someone played the whole soundtrack in full and then when it came back up online a chart show started playing and no one complained….I shouldn’t have bothered.

If this was my 4-year-old mix tape it would have been easy, it would have been Abba, Olivia Newton John and the hits from Young Talent Time.

What would your 4-year-old mix tape be?

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