The hoader needs to face her problems.

A few weeks ago I bemoaned that my ipod wasn’t big enough. But having it on shuffle this week I can see why.

I hold a lot of records that I doubt I will ever listen to. I’m a music hoader.

As I was baking I had the pod on shuffle and I reckon I skipped more than I listened to for two reasons, too depressing or that boring band. The first problem is the sheer amount of depressing stuff that is clogging it up. I’m trying to surround myself with positive happy things at the moment but my iPod isn’t helping this, I will pop it on shuffle now for some examples.

Sigur Ros, Tori Amos, Bernard Butler, Joy Division, Beth Orton.

These are not bad songs at all, just sad ones and my iPod thinks it’s the Leonard Cohen of electronic devices, it just loves misery. I need two pods for different moods. (a Leonard Cohen and a Weird Al Yankovic)

Leonard also needs a clean out. There are albums that I put on there for one good song and thought that it would grown on me as I mature as a person. This has not been the case I have not become the sophisticated listener and now after at least 5 year minimum I have all sorts of stuff such as (Wait ,Before I delve in none of these albums or artists are bad I just didn’t make the connection, It’s gonna happen.)

Joy Zipper, the Engineers, Death Cab for Cutie (except Plans), Film School, Gersey,Grand National, High llamas, Iron and Wine, Kent, Leaves,Long-view, M.Craft, Mono , Julian Cope (except 20 mothers), The Raveonettes, The Shins (I’m going to try them again before I march them off), Smog, Tori Amos albums , one or two Rolling Stones albums (sacrilegious!),the Veils, the Vines, Sophia, Shack.


You get the idea. I should like these bands, I should love the Raveonettes but I just don’t.

But my quandary is do I trash them even though I may want to hear them in years to come? They were music darlings at some stage were they not? What have I missed? In the case of Julian Cope I did see him live and he was amazing, but in my kitchen not so.

I’ve also got other artists on there listed under “Stuff Im not sure when I’ll be in the mood for” These include Boss Hog (so cool maybe too cool? I love JSBX too much to remove this ), CSS, Cooper Temple Clause, Black Crowes (3 snakes) DIO, Distillers, the Donnas, Doris Day, Jamiroquai (never in the mood to be a space cowboy ,but if you do get a spare 2 minutes go onto his website and read his bio, it’s pretty hilarious) and  Michael Nesmith who indeed has great country albums but I’m never in the mood to listen to them even though I know they are good.

Finally I have  stuff so embarrassing it’s not even a cool guilty pleasure it’s just awful or I grew out of it. I’m not sharing I don’t want to be mean. This also includes soundtracks that I’m not really going to listen too, we will leave that there I’m not proud of a lot of them and as I am trying to hang on to an inch of respect I’m going to let your imagination run wild. Ok one hint, I went through a stage when I really enjoyed Glee. (That’s it!)

What to do? I started to delete them very carefully , listened to a lot of them again and still deleted them, didn’t even move them to another hard drive I just got rid. I hate having loose songs on my iPod I like full albums so I’m still midst “do I like it enough to keep the lot?” . If I finally get sophisticated enough to enjoy them I’ll stream them.


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