It’s getting loud in the house of stitch

After  a few self-indulgent posts about my obsession with Ipod’s I really should get back to quilting stuff.

In crafty world I’m slow-moving as usual. I finally started a new paper piecing quilt (if it turns into that…probably) so only a slight variation on the hexagon, hexagons surround by half hexagons. I know revolutionary!!!


The there was a choice of two put to a vote on fb the plain version won. I’ve realised just how many people like calm and organised in a chaos world. (or it did just look better?) but the votes were something like 16 to 2 so you can’t argue with that.

The  plan will be to do enough in varying rows. fingers crossed it will look good, and not so much like coasters as has already been pointed out.

There are only 63 more days till Halloween. Krakatoa I’ve gotta get that quilt finished!

wpid-20140827_170927.jpg wpid-20140827_170855.jpg

I put all of my stuff away and made my home look neat for the Frozen party and have not really had the inclination to bring it back out again even though I know I have too. I think once the holidays are over and school starts I’ll be quilting like a she demon possessed! The blocks are all finished I just need to join them all together.

So if there are only 63 days to Halloween…phew there are still 118 till christmas, take off 22 days to get the full advantage of a month of decorations (94 days) and, yeah  I still have stacks of time to make my Christmas throw  for this year.

All this means the end of Summer, Autumn has already presented itself well and truly here  so that it all sad. I’m a sun person, like a lizard.


The only other thing on the craft side from this week is the stash of fabric I really didn’t need to buy but at half price it would have been rude to say no. I’d like to make a skirt out of the little french men but the rest of it I don’t have any plans for , and I’ve been so good lately avoiding all temptation of reduced fabrics and sticking to the projects. There is a nice medallion quilt in the love liberty book that I’ve wanted to make so I’m sure most of it will get used for that. IT WILL GET USED!

Whats on the iPod/ streaming?
On the music front this week I havent listened to a great deal. I have no idea where the time has all gone or what I have done but my ears have been restless of late and not content with much music.  I’m ashamed to say that the most I heard over the previous weekend was when I played Just Dance 4 for an hour (straight in, no warm up and no exercise for about 3 months no ta  great idea) so I did heard lots of chart stuff I hadn’t really heard or paid attention to. I’m happy to say I still wouldn’t listen to these tracks by choice outside of the game.


This week Royal Blood’s debut LP was released. It feels like it’s been around forever already what with all the hype. But the reason why I love them is purely from a bass players perspective. They are a drum and bass band only.  All of that sound is coming out of a single bass guitar! When I first started playing bass I used to play it like a guitar along side Sonic Youth and Pixies albums until I learnt how to play it properly. But I love what they are making and that the humble bass which is normally cast aside (or even in some cases excluded) and turning it into the main feature, It’s a beautiful thing and one that makes me very happy. The album itself is chock-a-block rock album, it’s all good. (No mucking around there)

I’ve also been listening to a collection Kasabian albums, but mainly43.12. I’ve not been a fan of old Kasabian, I don’t like the swaggering attitude the lead singer just reminds me of a rockier version of Robbie Williams (Shouldnt mess with him his from Leicester n all) How old did that last statement sound??!!!


Anyway I have been enjoying their new album it’s one of those big hit records like a punch in the face. So I started listening to the back catalogue (which all live on my iPod) and I was surprised at how many hit’s they did have. All those big ball’s out tracks in the end I was impressed by all of it. Maybe Kasabian and I got off on the wrong foot. I just started working at Virgin Megastore when their debut album was  released so I had to listen to a lot of it.

I have lots of bands that have suffered that fate, Coldplay, Elbow, Van Morrison, Pendulum, Pachelbel’s Cannon, the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and the Venga Boys. I can’t listen to any of this music without feeling slightly nauseated.


The new discovery this week is Stephen Steinbrink, which I only discovered because I did judge his album by the cover art and gave it a whirl.stephensteinbrink

It’s a beautiful folky pop acoustic album.Yes sad but were you expecting any other?

That whole singer song writer thing gets bashed around a lot so I don’t really want to attach that reference to him. It’s just a beautiful album and an artist I’m going to have to listen more off (a whole 6 more albums of if I can track them down). I love a comparison so I thinking in a small way maybe Charles Jenkins from the Ice Cream hands, maybe a bit of Brendan Benson? I’ve read that this man has toured America with a quiz team and has also listed everything he has eaten on tour (if your interested in that sort of thing)
I’m going to do a separate blog on JMascis’ new album as I’ve got too much information here already.

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