In church with a Welsh man.

I’m back in the church in Ashford (lovely venue , Nick Cave should consider playing here), sipping on a pale ale that needs to last me 2 hours. Tonight I’m watching Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals playing songs and incorporating a presentation about his latest album/film/book American Interior.


As far as concept albums go this one is my favourite. Legend has it that in 1792 a young Welsh man named John Evans set off to unexplored Central America in search of a mythical lost tribe of Welsh-speaking native indians. 222 years later distant relative Gruff Rhys decides to follow his footsteps and take the same path through America in search of what is myth and what is truth.

Having enjoyed the album for a few months now which is an eclectic mix of  beautiful hooks, tinges of country, spaghetti western (lolo) folk and pop. It’s a grand example of Gruff skills as an amazing song writer, especially the title track American Interior and The Swamp.
I wasn’t too sure what to expect going in, as I had only ever seen him in a rock show context.

Opening with a documentary covering the background story, the myth of the Welsh prince Madoc  who sailed to America in 1170 .Gruff appeared on stage and began to talk through what made John Evans go into an insane expedition on the other side of the world, this was accompanied by pictures, maps and photographs on the screens accompanied with songs from the album. He presented the storytelling perfectly, my mind didn’t wander at all. The whole show was informative, engaging and amusing and the song’s sounded beautiful acoustically.By the end I was so engrossed by the life hardships and bizarre series of events of John Evans life I sympathised with him, and I left wanting to know more.

He also brought along his puppet of John Evans who accompanied him through out his trip and I don’t think I was alone in being moved by this story , once Gruff left the stage the puppet remained on and there was quite a que of people to take photos of/with him. (Such as myself)


After 2 hours he did come back on stage to play ,Candylion and an amazing version of Honey All Over.  If anyone was hoping for any SFA classics they weren’t going to get them, to be honest I think it would have been totally inappropriate to play any of them either. It’s an excellent show in its own right.



interested? You should be! You can head over to the website for more details…

[spotify id=”spotify:album:7C3G7ExGXGK49fGT6D8xlZ” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


A little photographic history

On Saturday I headed over to Sommerset House London to catch A Nick Cave &Cohorts :a Little History by Australian photographer Bleddyn Butcher. Wether it was because it was London Fashion Week and events had closed off most of Sommerset house to the public made it quite difficult to find the entrance.

Once in sadly it was underwhelming, there were on 16 photos on display. They were all beautiful but if you’re not local then it’s quite a way to travel for so little. But as I said the work itself was quality so here is my favourite shot on display with the wonderful Rowland S. Howard

note your not allowed to take photos. the sign is in the corner and about 10cm big.

note you’re not allowed to take photos. the sign is in the corner and about 10cm big.

The show is on until the end of the week, (28th September) you can find details here!


That’s all for now…but Ive almost finished a quilt (I know amaze…)




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