The hexa year of my life.

Well it’s done! It took about a year of my life from start to finish (leaving out 2 months when I had the worlds worst cold and went off quilting and coffee). The design was from one of my favorite books Hexa go-go by Tacha Bruecher


It’s all hand pieced using my beloved English Paper piecing except the sashing and the quilting because as we all know I would never hand quilt, forget that for a joke! Plus it was bigger than I expected, it was massive.

I have posted about this quilt before….

still to go!

still to go!

EPP in progress

EPP in progress

There were times I thought I would never see the end, then the thrill of them all coming together sent not-so-little cheers of excitement. This is a great fat quarter buster luckily as that’s all I had. Most of the fabric I used was either Liberty cotton that I picked up in sales or Riley Blake and other bits and piece I had.

The back was good old trusty Ikea fabric again (I do need to make that 2 and a half round trip again shortly). The wadding inside and the back was all a bit “Frankienstiney” (pieced from this and that)so I have some bumps where there should be but I’m not going to stress about it.


The original design added a flying geese border which I didn’t add for two reasons, 1- I think it took away from all that beautiful hand pieced art and 2- I couldn’t be arsed.


So it’s all done and now although I need a blanket on my sofa to keep warm (flipping drafty house) do I trust myself to not get Tea, coffee, chocolate and everything else all over it? I don’t mind washing it now and then but I’m always paranoid it’s going to fall apart if it has constant use.. Then again what is the use of it if it’s not used and loved? I’m not making a museum.


Now to finish a Halloween quilt and one for a teeny tiny person.

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