A stitch and a fan girl.


The trains amazingly for once (and even more amazing for a Sunday) ran seamlessly, like it was all synched up train, tube, bus . We had left on the 8.25 am train to London and were at the entrance of  Alexandra Palace by 10.02 am. This was amazing time, and we were still dry!

This was the knitting and stitching show, I only generally go to feel fabric and look at how big the prints actually are (it’s hard to get a good idea on the internet) and make long lists of stuff I want for future projects , unless of course I’m walking past Abakhan…I’m buying that fabric at £4.99 a meter!

I had a list I was prepared, I was looking for Floral Amy Butler, Cotton and Steel and Liberty stuff. I was good, so good that although I went back 3 times to look at the amazing Tula Pink stuff I did not purchase it. Some of the fabric I was after had disappointed and I was glad I had seen it in person (the fabric felt wrong say or the print didn’t look right). I had seen new bits of fabric that filled my head with new ideas for future projects (I’m not allowed to buy without a project in mind, this applies 92% of the time excluding sale stuff of course) I even went past this beautiful Alexander Henry and only took a photo.


It was crowded, there were only about 4 men there which I find dissapointing..there must be more men into this stuff surely? I already needed a cup of tea but for went it in search for wadding instead.

I try not to meet people I admire, in the past this experience had been limited to musicians who 8 times out of 10 are arrogant so and so’s who wouldn’t give you the time of day. The flip side is that I always say something incredibly stupid when I do have a nice conversation with the remaining 20% . So logically I always think best not to meet them.

I didn’t think this would apply to the quilting world but I still could not trust myself not to look like an idiot, so when I read that one of my quilting heroes Lynne Goldsworthy (of Lily’s Quilts  http://lilysquilts.blogspot.co.uk / Fat Quarterly website http://www.fatquarterly.com/  and her work is featured a lot in Love Quilting and Patchwork magazine, quilting wise to me she is the big time)  was at the show, with my track record I thought best not approach if I do see her.

Oh but I did and it happened by accident. I had seen the latest Fat quarterly book on display and had a quick flick as I hadn’t seen it yet and I noticed a person next to me. I looked up and realised who it was and my mouth just started.talking without asking my brain if it was ok to do so. “This is your books isn’t it? I’m a fan girl.”.After a demo on a Sizzix machine (I want one of them now) we talked about medallion quilts , all the other quilters I should be following on Instagram  and beautiful fabric, which she even took me over to look at the Amy Butler and divine Tula Pink fabric.she took an interest in my work and blog, (seriously it was quite a pinch me moment ). She was one of the most loveliest person I have met, I wish could have stood there all day talking to her. I only left conscious that I was taking up her time and that at this stage my travelling companion had wandered off quite some time ago and went to buy fabric. It was awesome and worth my entry fee.

So as a fan girl I had asked to take a photo with her for the blog (what am I 17?) but the photo turned out bad on my part I looked horrid so I’ve substituted two pictures to give you an idea of what it looked like.


The lovely Lynne is on the right and the closet thing to what my hair (on my head,  not chest) looked like. I couldn’t find a picture of Paul Stanley wearing a purple cardigan/jacket thing.

I needed a sit down and a cup of tea after all of that. The rest of the day was average (could it get better?) The only other really noteworthy thing of the day was when all of the toilets in Alexandra Palace refused to flush. There were ALOT of women there, a lot of women who needed the toilets. I anticipated a mild riot with knitting needles at dawn. Sadly this did not materialise.

Blasting on the radio..

Translations Darren Middleton

I’ve been listening lots to Darren Middleton’s new album, one time guitarist from Powderfinger since their split his decided to go it alone.This  is impressive, I love “One Thing” It’s been on repeat for at least two weeks. It probably would have been easier to write lesser quality pf type album, instead he has made a contemporary album with much more leanings towards slower beautiful better crafted songs. I did read somewhere that it was supposed to be a mix of Elliott Smith and the Beatles, I can’t hear it. What I do hear, like so many other Australian albums is the streets, pubs, towns and beaches of home. It has a very Australian sound to it. It should be a massive hit back home,but looking at the iTunes chart I don’t know if it has. Which is a shame, for an album which is an unexpected surprise.


The album is not available in the UK so I’ve had to listen to it via Sound cloud which you can find here. But In the last few day’s Soundcloud has refused to work on the ipad so it’s also streaming on his website.

That’s it for now but I wont leave it so long in between….

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