I aint ‘fraid of no ghost…quilt!


Sorry that title was itching to get out.

Now to the main event. I have finally as early as this morning finished the Halloween economy square quilt, hurrah!

Whilst shopping at an Plush Addict open day we had picked up some Halloween fabric for Rockette as a trade-off for not taking her on the hour (and then some after we got lost) car trip up to their warehouse. But what to do with it?

I found a nice easy looking economy block tutorial at the brilliant Red Pepper Quilts blog. I love this website there is so much inspiration.


I am quite lazy and don’t like maths very much at all, so instruction wise I made a 6″ block instead and when it came to trimming the blocks down all I did was line up the quarter-inch seam measurement on my Quilting square at the point where the two squares met and just cut across that point.

wpid-20140827_114719.jpg wpid-20140827_114628.jpgwpid-20140827_114755.jpg

That worked most of the time and it was good enough for me.

wpid-20141031_092236.jpg       wpid-20141031_092223.jpgIt was more difficult was to work out the fabrics that worked together so they wouldn’t clash, but like most things in life I was over thinking it. Rockette came along and put a few together that looked pretty good so between us we manage to make sure it didn’t look like a vomiting Pinata. So all in all it all came together pretty easy .

Where I had the most issues was with the quilting. I’m not a good quilter, we know this. At first I was ambitious, the world was mine for the taking and that free motion needle was going to do as I commanded.

Ha ha yeah right. The original plan was to have candy/lollies/sweets sewn into it, but after I had done one it took away from the blocks themselves so that felt wrong. This took me 2 days to unpick the mess I made so after having a rethink I gunned for wavy lines.


Disaster! I had no sewing mojo on that fateful Saturday. None of the curves were working making them intertwine just made it worse. OH MY SWEETNESS WILL I EVER BE GOOD AT FREE MOTION QUILTING???? I screamed to the heavens. Not today sucker came the reply. I spent the rest of that Saturday damaging my eyes on the sofa unpicking the whole thing. I could’nt save any of it.

Anyway back to square one and referring back to Red Pepper Quilts I opted for the simple cross as others had done.  The end result Ive labelled as “spooky” because the quilting is so crooked . I’m not sure why as I used the walking foot instead.

wpid-20141031_092248.jpgI love the back of this It’s Riley Blake, as usual I was a tight arse and didn’t buy enough of it, thank god I has some hard cheap fabric to go up the top.

The Bumble bee’s appear to be fans. I think this one was trying to make some moves on it.wpid-20141031_092405.jpg

Enjoy Halloween, it’s something I’m quite new to.Growing up my dad always said it was a load of bollocks and we will have nothing to do with it, so tonight I’m going to eat some chocolate and watch Ghostbusters, cause that’s as scary as I get.

While were here I’m adding a picture of my great late Nan who also never celebrated Halloween but love to act shamelessly in public (I get it from her). She makes a pretty good witch don’t you think?wpid-20141031_154758.jpg


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