The witching hour is almost upon us..

I say almost because this is almost a blog entry. I had hoped to finish the Halloween quilt grand finale today but with Rockette on school holidays and keeping me up most nights with a vicious cough it wasnt going to happen. (I have seen enough Spongebob DVD’s to pass the time with her so I’m not complaing too much)  I will hopefully have that for you tomorrow.

So in the mean time I will show you the best (and only) bit of felt business I did last Hallo’s eve. I keep meaning to go back to felt but I never find the time. It is quite fiddly and wrecks my eyes.

wpid-20141030_120752.jpg wpid-20141030_120704.jpg wpid-20141030_120719.jpg wpid-20141030_120821.jpg wpid-20141030_120919.jpg

The pattern came from an old Mollie Makes magazine. Sorry I can’t give any further information than that, It appears I’ve misplaced the magazine!

Until the next time.



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