Ladies of Lego assemble!

I’m going to apologise for the blog entries you will read over the next few weeks (7 to be exact). As all I’m making craft wise is for Christmas/other gifts I’m going to refrain blogging about anything I’m currently making other than the christmas quilt I’m making for the sofa.

So in the meantime your going to get a whole world of randomness! Let’s start with Lego.


I like to buy christmas stuff early, I mainly do this so I can spread my spending over months instead of crashing and burning in December (but I always do). As Rockette is at the beginning of her Lego age I’ve been looking around for suitable stuff for her.

Being only 4 and not completely clear on the ways of the world (for example setting her straight on the comment Mummy girls can not fly aeroplanes, where does she get this stuff from?) I’ve been looking for positive female models in the Lego world. So far it has been pretty dire.

If you wanted to be a Disney Princess, a shopper, work in a shop, become a thief, be a cheerleader, hang out with your friends, be a pretty vet then no problems! Theres loads of that stuff you can buy.  If you want policewoman, a paramedic construction worker, a scientist, a post lady so forth and so forth this kind of stuff is very thin on the ground, very thin indeed.

(Right before anyone starts you can get 1 female police officer with a set of 4 male ones and a dog, you can also get a female paramedic in an ambulance pack)

The friends range is very pink and I’m pretty sure one of them is supposed to be a vet but I can’t really tell on the box, like I said it’s all very pink. The assumption that all girls will only ever play with is pink and to pigeon-hole them as such is depressing . Little girls do like pink and princess’ , dolls and other  stuff like that, so there is a place for that. But they also like police chases and knights with kings and queens, animals, dinosaurs, pirates and space. It’s unfair to not produce adequate female figures and mix them up with the men in the sets.

The solution was to make my own at the pick and mix Lego shop.

It took us 10 minutes of searching through all of the hundreds of heads to find only 4 female ones. Finding the rest of the bits was fine, Chef, police officer and GP (eating lunch and on the phone) were all completed with general ease, except the mermaid tail that had to don some ninja pants instead (it’s the best we could do, you see girls can like mermaids and police stuff). Batwoman was on a key chain, but she was too cool not to buy.

Thankfully I turned around on a shelf and found the fabled rare science kits Lego released in August of this year  just siting there (ahhh)! This kit came about (or so I’ve read in this interesting article after a complaint to Lego from an 8-year-old girl . I’m sad that there is only one of these kind of sets out there. But what I would have prefered would be a mixed work place with both genders working together, one step at a time .

I’m not calling the sexism card  it’s just a shame I can’t get more sets that have equal amounts of gender doing a whole range of interesting  jobs.


This kit was from the Stratford branch if your interested.



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