The woe of trying to buy tickets.


Band portrait

On this blog I have spoken of my love for the band Ride before, of being the only shoegazer kid in the western suburbs of Melbourne in the early 90’s. When I was in my mid teens they played a show at a University (probably Monash or Melbourne) in Melbourne and I wanted to go so so bad.

As this was mid-week and the uni was probably a good hours drive from home I asked my parents if one of them would take me. They were not cool so the answer was no. My dad did ring the student union a few days before asking if I would even get in. Their answer was well there will be alcohol served there but she would be able to enter.Thats a no then.

I thought about jumping out of the window and going That would have involved a bus, train and tram on a school night and I would have needed some balls to go. So instead I sat in my room all night crying and listening to Ride. Oh the pains of the teenage girl!

They split up soon after. Looking back as amazing as they were they were a bit like the boy band of shoegazing. Mark Gardener with his cute looks  plastered all over my bedroom wall. That said it shouldn’t take away from their music, at least the first 3 albums anyway . Those albums  and EP’s were like walls of sonic noise and swirling sounds it was amazing and not like anything I had heard before. It was a revelation. Dad said I would grow out of it, Dad was wrong.

As I got older I joined a band that was heavily into shoegazing and we even recorded a version of “Leave Them All Behind” for a tribute covers album (I never saw it and I can’t quite recall what our band were called. It could have been Colonel Mustard).

I still collected whatever I could find on vinyl and finally got to meet my beloved Mark Gardener  (on my birthday no less) at two solo gig’s he did in Melbourne in 2005. We did chat but I didn’t know what to say, now I could think of a million questions not the  dumb ones I asked.  (15-year-old me was hoping it would be like the movies and he would fall madly in love with me..he didn’t and more importantly I didn’t but I was in my mid 20’s by now and knew how the world worked). Important lesson don’t meet musical heroes.

Ride were influential in elements of my life, the dress sense (I have a replica top that he’s wearing in a promo shot (above) which I bought and It cost a bomb! Funny I went into a hippy shop in Canterbury a couple of weeks ago and saw the same top I almost bought it) from the music I started listening to, to my first introduction to independent british music which made me want to first move to the UK (and I’m still here).

So when Beady Eye announced that they were splitting up, thus releasing Andy Bell from his commitments with either of the Gallagher brothers (back story went Andy Bell joined Oasis after the Ride split, it was rumoured that the Gallagher brothers had banned any Ride reunions) I had hoped that a Ride reunion would be imminent and I would finally be able to go.

And so they did. I was there with two computers 41 seconds in. By the time I had got through well devastation. All tickets had sold out.

I was upset like that 15-year-old girl again. How dare they? Hardly anyone I know likes them or even knows who they are? How did this happen? Was it all the hipster’s in Shoreditch who heard that they were cool?

It’s sad that it’s all come down to this. Years ago you could still buy tickets after the 15th second of them being put up for sale. In some cases at the door. Now if you look on evil places like seatwave and other unscrupulous websites, it appears acceptable for these places to buy up large amounts of tickets and then sell them seconds after shows have sold out for £100!!!! When did this become a thing? A thing that people accepted? These companies are pure evil, stealing opportunities from real fans and then forcing them into a corner.

This is much different from the scalper out the front of the venue who has a small handful of tickets trying to flog them off. This is big business and it’s sickening.

Blur had the right idea a few years ago when they played in Margate. The tickets could only be purchased in advance by fans on their mailing list and even then on entry you had to show the tickets, the credit card they were purchased on and the name had to match both things or you would be refused entry. It was a fair system to ensure the fans had first preference.

I could go and see them at Field day and I will probably have too, even though it will cost me more money. (there’s the dentist put off for another couple of months!) but then again they may just do what all of these other 90’s band have done and just tour around until no one is interested anymore (or Oasis come calling again) . I’d like to see some sort of 90’s festival with Ride, Slowdive, Jesus Jones etc, I could go on and on but I will just sound old.

Instead I saw that the very talented Matt Berry is playing a rare show of music at the forum (you may know him from him Toast of London, the IT crowd, Snuff Box, Dark places)  so I bought tickets for that. That makes me happy.



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