What I did on my holidays.

Hello and welcome 2015. May you be better than 2014.

Now that regular blogging can resume and I can update you with the gifts I had made over Christmas, I’ll start with the first couple of things I made for the Australians.

Do you need a table runner? Your getting one anyway…


The idea came from the a tutorial on the eternal maker blog.


I like the way the colours popped out of the darker background I would have normally used something even more brighter maybe even neon or geometric on a navy blue, but I had to calm it down for Mum. Saying that mum lives on the Queensland coast, it’s probably not suited as well anyway, I probably should have done this in a yellow or something tropical. (Grey is more a Melbourne colour). In the end I made it up as I went along.

I have a lot of this grey cotton , If I had to make it again I would use linen next time instead. (I’m going to try to not think about this too much or it will annoy me so much so I would probably remake it.)

I loved the colours and design the eternal maker used to quilt it but I just couldn’t get it right and I’m lacking the confidence to use bold colours on a muted background.(I really need to do a free motion course) so good old dependable lines returned!

This was an easy gift to start with and the gifts did go up in complexity as I went on. I didn’t want to get too cocky to begin with as I had time restraints, need to be organised this year. (Sorry Mum…I’ll make you something nice for your birthday)


So onto the clamshells 

I did ramp it up with clam shells. I love clam shells and I have wanted to make something with them for ages, but was intimidated by the process. I’m not going to lie it was fiddly.


What I like about this is that I could use all of my favorite fabrics from my stash. Its only very small so it was like a little showcase for them.

I used the grey again, and again I would have rather a white or a different shade of grey background. This was more messy than anything else. I used starch spray on all of the clams, I used A LOT of it but it did work. I had trouble also folding the fabric over the template and it bunching occasionally creating little fold in the front. That was annoying.

I was happy with it for a first attempt even if some of the rows did turn out a bit crooked, but I did learn from it. I’ve set my sight on doing a larger version one day but I don’t know about committing to a whole quilt as trying to sew each clam shell on in the right place was really quite difficult. I even sprayed glue on to keep them in place but they just flipped off.Next time I’ll by a glue pen instead of using my spray, my sewing machine is still covered in it

20141120_123048    20141120_123100


This tutorial came out of love quilting and patchwork magazine issue 14.


This year I wouldn’t mind trying a cathedral window block but they do scare the be jesus out of me. That of course will be after I finish the 2 other unfinished quilts and that bloody skirt mock-up (I know it’s not even a real one!!) and use the little bits of Liberty fabric I’ve been collecting over the year to make some sort of quilt.

Sorry the photos on this weeks entry are not great. They are on the opposite side of the world now so I can’t retake them. Bummer…

And what’s playing?

After the epic best of year business of last week’s blog I’m exhausted. So all I am going to say is that Belle and Sebastian have a new album “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance” coming out and I’m flipping excited about that. The title track has already become my song of the year and their albums have never disappointed. Hopefully will get to catch them at a festival this year (finally maybe ..unlike Ride…I’m still bitter)




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