A month of musical rich spoils.

I have been busy, very busy. I know I have neglected my lovely little blog. But hopefully as of next week everything will settle down and I can write more often. For now I have written up all the new music I’ve been listening to.

Haven’t we been spoilt in January! Lots of music out.

Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

I know now what will be at the top of the end of 2015 list for me already. I love this. I LOVE this. Bit’s of it remind me of 90’s Australian garage bands where in other places more like the best parts of the Flaming Lips.There has been a lot of comparisons to MGMT for this, but I think they are supremely better. You can probably hear this most in the track Heroic Shaft, but it’s bigger more thought-out , beyond the beyond. The best tracks “Holding out for you “,”Waiting for Grace” and the epic title track “Man it feels like space again” which in itself is a thing of beauty. It’s a journey through time and space. (I’m aware I’ve quoted the Mighty Boosh, but sometimes these things are apt).

I’ve gone on  and on about Pond before so I’m not going to break it down. Just listen to it.

Felicity Groom- Hungry Sky

I’ve been listening to this for at least two months now almost non stop, so much so I had to check if I had already put something up about it. To be fair this was released last year.

This is Groom’s second album and I’ve been having trouble comparing it to anything else I have heard. I’m sure there are artists out there that are in the same vein but none of them come to mind.

The single Higher,Higher, Taller, Taller has an infectious mis-step beat . I have found myself tapping it out on my thighs whilst in conversation with others (because that’s not at all  distracting) and I’ve been walking out the rhythm whilst going up and down stairs. Which probably makes me look a bit mechanical.

This is an album of changing tempos. Where Raising the Roof and Better Days has an almost ethereal feel to them, Move your Muscle has an electronic tribal beat  as it’s backbone. Where Talons could have been of an 80’s film soundtrack, Ultalum has a lullaby effect.

This is a beautiful album. It should be getting much more recognition.

Belle and Sebastian Girls in Peace Time Want To Dance

The first two tracks are classic Belle and Sebastian, there’s no surprises and like a security blanket, it could have been lifted from any of their other albums. But from track 3 something happens. The party line is an indie disco fulled track, whenever it’s on I dance involuntarily. After that it’s back to familiar territory  phew.

But turn to Side 2 enter “Sylvia Plath” and it presents itself as a contender for the next UK entry for Eurovision (then maybe the UK would have a chance of winning…heaven forbid). It’s all catchy bridges and disco euro pop, what’s going on? This continues on “Everlasting Muse” which sounds reminiscent of a Russia drinking song. The album continues in these two polarised themes of classic such as the beautiful “Have a little faith” and the  more upbeat style of “Perfect Couples”.

It’s no surprise that the first thing that came to mind is the Eurovision connection, this was intentional as in this interview with Rolling Stone magazine Stuart Murdoch explains that ‘I want to do an album that one song feels like it could be the Cyprus entry for 1974,’


It may take a couple of listen to get your head around the eclectically of this album,  it’s a welcomed change for their 9th album.

Father John  -Misty I Love You, Honeybear

On first hearing Father John Misty on the surface I gathered was a wonderfully romantic album songs from a newly wed man about love and the future, which is refreshing. But on closer listen to the lyrics although still romantic the songs have a more sinister and filthy tone to them for example “I wanna take you in the kitchen, lift up your wedding dress someone was probably murdered in”  the music is so beautiful that he puts you in a beautiful place.

One time member of the Fleet Foxes, Misty sounds more like a modern-day Graham Parson and a bit of Dennis Wilson thrown in for good measure. It has a classic sound that’s less honky-tonk and much more balladeer. Most of this album is a celebration of his recent nuptials. Or in the “Ideal Husband “is an angry admittance to all of his flaws laid out bare for his bride to be to see.

My god it is such a beautifully amazing album. Even with the lyrics of Chateau Lobby #4 ,it is still a love song and something I would still play on my wedding day because it is so goddamn sweet at the heart of it.(just make sure Great Grandma isn’t paying close attention)

Natalie Prass- Natalie Prass

This album sounds like something I have heard before somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Something that’s a little Karen Carpenter, a little Emmylou Harris and something that you think is from a Disney soundtrack but you couldn’t find out online which one.

In saying that this is not an album of re-hash, this is an album for 2015 with a classic feel. Of a time when songs were well constructed, strings were used everywhere and the drum machine hadn’t been invented yet. It is such a pleasant listen, when was the last time you could have said that about an album?

She has toured with Matthew E White and you can tell how much of his influence is here. Not to give away any credit that Prass deserves,this is a beautiful album with lush strings and horn sections and a small delicate voice to accompany all the big sounds.

When I first heard ‘Is it you’ I could have sworn heard it in a million Disney princess soundtracks, I even looked online to see who the writer been credited to, I was so sure it was from Sleeping Beauty or something. But no, it is all Prass and it’s wonderful. The 4-year-old loves it, and requests it constantly. People don’t really write songs like this anymore unless it’s for a musical which is a shame.

Finally, The Rediscovery….

Janet Jackson – Control


Not just Control, all of her albums, I’ve had a bit of a renasience , I can’t remember the last time I listened to her intentionally, but I’m guessing 1990.

“This is a story about control, my control”

It must be difficult being a Jackson  especially as when this was released in 1986 her brother had released one of the biggest selling albums of all time with Thriller. Control is a great album from a strong-willed woman with an attitude and a funky sound to match.

There are so many hits off this Nasty, Control,What Have You Done For Me Lately,Let’s wait awhile,  When I think of You and Pleasure Principal. Hell I’ve just reeled off most of the album.

It’s a breakthrough album, and in 41 minutes it roars here I am don’t think of messing with me.

“It’s all about control and I have lots of it”

Phew, there’s a months worth! I haven’t even had a chance to write about going to see Matt Berry! Next entry.

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