More “Toast” anyone?


It was a cold night on the 13th of February in London my friends, and even colder inside the Forum venue in Camden, London. Colder than the Arctic circle. It was so cold that the security kept their thick outside jackets on.

We were here to see Matt Berry perform a rare music set, and not a stand up comedy set. Despite him being a comedic actor and not a stand up comedian, people still think’s this is what he would be doing on a cold night,  in a venue to tight to put the heating on. Perhaps they (the forum) thought it was bad luck being Friday the 13th.

With 4 albums under his belt, these albums are a magical mixs of folk, prog and rock, Aside from his last album “Music for Insomniacs” which was as the title suggest, is a 2 track album which begins in the sublime and transcends into the mad, I wouldn’t try to listen to it while trying to fall asleep.

I digress I am a big fan of his second album “Witchazel” I always describe it as the soundtrack that should be on the film the Wicker Man (original not remake). There are beautiful songs on this, and no denying in the past I’ve had a little Matt Berry crush.

I did have until he came on stage and opened his mouth.

One of his fellow band members is heavily pregnant. Straight off the bat he anounces “This show is for the “twins”” She may have been pregnant with twins but they were not the twins he was referring too. If once wasn’t enough he said it again.

Well that burst the little romantic image I had of him. Who still speaks like that?? I have many male friends and worked in many a bawdy work place, so I wouldn’t say I’m of a sensitive nature. Is the 90’s? It was just rude. I’m starting to think how much of Steven Toast is Matt Berry.

But he writes beautiful songs and he did redeem himself with a cover of Todd Rundgren  “I saw the light” he should record it, it was fantastic. The set list was exactly what I would have requested so no complaints there.

Despite the cold and the complains of his aches he and his band were in good form musically, at some stages breaking into a prog rock feast which must have been what it was like siting through Rick Wakeman concerts. For the encore  David Arnold was brought on to play a cover of the Bond theme. That was pretty , pretty good.

It was all over in 90 minutes and I was left satisfied.

The Set list for those interested

Gather Up


Devil Inside Me

A Song for Rosie

October Sun

The Signs

Take My Hand


So Low

Love is a Fool (Again)


The Encore

The Pheasant

James Bond Theme

(I didn’t take notes at the show, this list comes from )

If your interested in listening to his stuff I suggest giving Witchazel a whirl.



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