Ohh I can make a blouse now.

wpid-20150412_155806.jpg wpid-20150412_155952.jpg

Continuing in the clothes making vein, I have taken another detour (kind of) from the quilting to make another item from Tilly Walnes “Love at first stitch”. This time around it was the Mimi blouse.


The general advice is the make a toile first, but the fabric I was using was some cheap polyester stuff I picked up at one of the fabric stores at Walthamstow market. At £1.75 a meter I wasn’t going to get much cheaper. It was heavy to work with!

It was my first time using a dressmaking pattern. The first half of this turned out great, the other half turned out not so aligned . For example the collar on the left was longer than the right, the hem on the right was longer than the left, the arm seam on the left didn’t perfectly align with the seam of the bodice. But these are all my dumb school boy errors.

Maybe it says more about how my brain works,  I concentrate really hard on the first attempt and then get a bit cocky when I come to do the second part. This also explains why I had to make 2 sleeves for the right arm because the seam at the bottom became randomly frayed.  Also annoying me is  that I took too much off the  back neckline, I did try to add some bias binding to hide this, but it looked weird so I left it.

Considering that this was my first attempt I’m pretty pleased with it.


And I put buttons in! I had a great fear of this, but it took no time at all. I just did the colossal error of going a bit nuts with the seam ripper and ripped the top off. Idiot.

wpid-20150411_082811.jpg wpid-20150411_081017.jpg

I can’t tell if it’s nice and modern or something that my Nan would wear , thin line. But that’s just down to the weird fabric. The pattern is great and I’ll make it again, next time in a more stiffer material like a cotton.


Again for more info you can visit Tilly’s wonderful website.


I’m moving onto kids wear next. I’m starting on the Playtime pattern by Oliver + S


I haven’t stopped quilting, I do have many ongoing things. The main project  I can’t write a lot about because it’s going to be a gift, but I’ll put a block here and there up.

I love this cube block, which is from Tula Pink’s book 100 modern quilt blocks. One day I’d like to do a whole quilt made up of just these and featuring my favourite prints.



I just happened to be listening to Split Enz while making that. It’s a brilliant album.


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