In the jungle


Amazingly in a shorter time than I thought, I got Rockette’s Playtime dress finished over the weekend. That’s no small feat for me. I feel bad that I did ignore Rockette for a lot of Sunday… but she got a dress out of it, im sure all is forgiven.



I’m loving the pattern for this Oliver + s dress/ tunic/ legging thing. I went for the dress as leggings are so cheap to buy in the UK that I don’t know if I would make a pair.

I normally get my patterns out of sewing books which generally overlap each other. It made for a nice tracing experience.


The sewing was all straight forward and both parts of the dress were quite similarly constructed to other of clothing I had made in the past. I only got a little excited when I was finishing the inner seams and….( important lesson here, if your on the phone put the scissors down), I cut a bit of the  seam too far and hacked into the dress. What a donut I truly am .But  I think I’ve hidden it well,  It’s mostly inside the seam now.

wpid-20150420_173207.jpg   wpid-20150420_173213.jpg

I love the cute little hot pink detail round the neckline. So sweet.

It was also my first foray into pattern matching…was crapping myself just a bit. Everything you read and hear on the matter is so intimidating. Look at the Great British Sewing Bee ” oh you haven’t matched your pattern” “look at that complete lack of pattern matching”  “that’s not aligned”, “You’re going to hell because you didn’t pattern match” (alright not the last one, but you get my drift).

So I was super careful and used the lion heads for guides. To be honest I’m pretty pleased, nay amazed at the results. I expected it to be upside down here, back to front there etc etc.

Yeah yeah it’s  not perfect ,the GBSB would have kicked me off the show but It’s good enough for me.

wpid-20150419_120435_5.jpg  wpid-20150419_124025.jpg


It’s a bit big and roomy for her (super long and skinny) but I wasn’t brave enough to adjust the pattern yet. Maybe when I make it next time.


The reason for the bias binding in the middle was to break up the pattern it. It was just a bit too much to have an all over print.

wpid-20150420_172816.jpgIt’s really hard to get a kid to pose properly…

The fabric was Michael Miller Origami Oasis.

Next I really need to get on with the unfinished quilts. But I also want to go to Goldshawk and buy some more dress making fabric. I’m a bit addicted.

On the baking front?

This week I made the Australian classic Lamingtons, which was fellow antipodean’s  Dan Lepards recipe from his book Short and Sweet. Bloody delicious! Sponge, jam, chocolate and coconut. What more do you want?


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