Feathers everywhere.

Sunday night again? That rolled around fast. Sigh and so begins another week at work. But there are still a few hours of weekend left and with an exciting looking Super Furry Animals documentary on  TV there is time for a quick post!

This week I resumed one of my back projects, Alison Glass’ Feather Quilt.



It is my first time working with paper piecing and to be honest after a long break between sewing sessions it takes a while for me to get my head around the method of this again. Paper piecing feels like I’m working backwards and back to front. Constantly having to line up the pieces of fabric backwards while holding them up against the light to cover the sew lines is a bit of a pain. When using navy fabric this becomes even more difficult.

I try not to sew too late into the night with this , If I lose my sewing mojo and make too many mistakes  unpicking the paper more than once really compromises the  integrity of the paper.



Also the strips become quite small so when trying to place fussy cut fabric, I have to pray I have cut them perfectly centered. There’s not much room to move the position of the seams.

Each one is taking its sweet time, I have to trim and press each seam line before I move to the next line. Not the fastest to make.

More on this eventually..

wpid-20150426_145131.jpg‘scuse the not so bright photos, Britain has been plunged into a crap, non stop soak you through,  frizz creating drizzle.

On the baking shelf this week.

Not sure what the baking revival with me is at the moment, but I had a sudden urge yesterday to make Madeleines . After all I had bought a half price tray in Lakeland so rude not to.

I used Nigella’s recipe from “How to be a domestic goddess” (I will never be a domestic goddess, I’m never going to  be organised enough). I had the impressions that making them was going to be difficult (I have that impression about all French food). It wasn’t at all difficult to make but…..



Makes 48, mine made 12..I know I’m not the best at maths but even I know somethings wrong..


They turned out nice, just a bit too eggy for my liking. I wonder if there’s an egg free version? I might try Rachel Khoo’s version next.

That is all for this evening!



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