Tasteful modelling


I’m back off the sewing trail again, this time on the baking wagon.


I was asked to make a cake for my friend’s teenage newphew.The request went like this “some paw prints, some crap , some piss, and sponge flavour”.

The rest was up to me. I’ve never done any sort of fondant modelling before so I had allocated more time than I thought I would need for it.

I used the Wilton colouring paste to colour the fondant, the black was watery so it turned out more grey than black. For the dog prints I used the tips of my icing set, genius (tbf it wasn’t my idea it was the internets…oh that internet)


I am particularly proud of the wee on the post box, yes I know the post box is not to scale but you get the drift, it’s a small letter box.




The only thing that I wished I had done again was the top of the lead. It became all cracked because it was too thin, but it was similar to making bias binding, so in familiar territory there.Same results, a bit shit.



The sponge flour was chocolate, using the same old trusty Hummingbird Bakery recipe.

Ah but it worked out alright.  It was really calming and relaxing which was needed after the worst most horrible shift of my working life.  Not keen about the cleaning aftermath.


Sort and sweet today.


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