Ric Rac is evil

I’m full of cold today so I’m hoping this will all make sense and I can remember how to use English properly.(If not that’s what spellchecker is for I suppose)

I’ve been busy this week with all sorts of various things. one I’ll start with now.



This week I finally got around to making something out of the book Little Quilts by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger. I tried to find what I thought would be the one I could knock up in the quickest time. Luckily the gift was for a gardener and the mini quilt “Cuttings” was perfect.






The cutting for this was cool, this was a brilliant way of getting rid of a lot if my stash. In fact so much so I didn’t need to buy anything additional for this.


It was until I found out that Ric Rac melts under an iron..


That was flipping upsetting I’ll tell you right now. It was going so well up until that exact point. After that it looked like there as bits of wax everywhere. irritating…..

But I replaced it. If you are going to make  this, one bit of advice, when you get to quilting the flower bit -sew the flower from the inside circle out. I didn’t do that and it bunched a bit, again irritating.

So many school boy errors on this! I just got a bit complacent because it was (a not so) mini (it was bigger than I expected, I didn’t pay attention to the finished measurements). So I quilted from the top and not the middle. Dick I had to unpick the top three rows because of bunching.


The recipient was very happy with it. But it’s funny as when I hand over any gift I can only see all the imperfections so I’m almost embarrassed to give it away, even though I’m assured that no one else can see them.Just paranoid.

Sorry about the crap photo’s my phone updated itself and now it just refuses to work most of the time. Need to call the evil phone company..


You can pick up the book for a steal at he moment from The Book People



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