Superhero’s ready!


Rockette announced two weeks ago that it was going to be superhero day at school and that required a costume. I offered to make it …strangely excitedly. Again never done it before but I’m enjoying challenges lately.

So this was the brief, which I drew out.


Her name is Poppy (random name, no clue to where that came from) and she shoots love hears from her wrists (a-la Spiderman) and Ice comes out of her feet, painful with a Frozen theme I’m guessing.

It was to be pink and purple or wait it’s going  to be blue. The colour scheme for this changed a few times. So I drew up this plan asked her what she thought and with a fleeting glance in between Spongebob episodes I got a half-hearted “Yeah that’s wonderful mummy”

I started to scour the internet for tutorials, now being a quilter (predominantly although you wouldn’t know it at the moment) I wasn’t happy with the “fold  fabric in half and trace round a plate for the neck”. What kind of plate? Not technical enough. But I did finally find one here   I only half heartedly followed the instructions. I did use the brilliant template. But the rest  was my own doing .

wpid-20150513_132902.jpg wpid-20150513_135825.jpg

The outside of the cape was some cheap polyester stuff for £2.99 and the inside was some crappy poplin I bought when I first started sewing and made a few buying faux pas.

Where I differ from Nancy’s instruction was with the hem. Once I got to the bottom I just folded the two hems in, pressed, clipped and then top stitched. I did think later I should have just sewn all around.  I also just top stitched the logo onto the back.



You may notice that the cape is in pink and purple. Not intentional, lets just say tightarse strikes again. I was in a rush when I bought it and I said “half a meter yeah that’s enough. Even holding it up the wrong way against Rockette . Erm, no that didn’t work.  Hence why I used the back up fabric.

But it worked out for the best as it’s A PAIN to press that crap polyester so  I was grateful to have the cotton to press on instead.


wpid-20150515_073336.jpgFor the logo’s I used normal Kona colours and  I iron on interfacing to give it a bit of body. The snowflake’s are made out of felt to ensure it dose’nt go out of shape too much. Again just top stitched it on to a H&M top which worked out easy enough.


A girl needs add on’s! Everything was made out of felt except the belt. I had trouble looking for the right stiffness for the mask , the world of felt alludes me. I luckily found some excellent felt I got free off a magazine.

wpid-20150515_072221.jpg  wpid-20150515_072256.jpg

The wrist cuffs were soft felt with velcro attached to either end. This could have done with being of sturdier stuff as it suffered a bit during its day out at school. I was instructed to design one on the cuffs with a type of screen phone so she could be alerted to where the bad guys were. I had to top stitch everything. I bought some “permanent glue” at the craft fair which hardly worked and couldn’t be trusted to keep the two pieces of felt together.

wpid-20150515_072053.jpg wpid-20150515_072309.jpg

Yes they are bombs. If she was really specific about anything from the word go, it was that there had to be bombs . To throw at the bad guys! So they were made with felt and stuffed with a bit of wadding (that big thick horrible kind). The belt was fabric Kona which again I used a medium iron on stabilizer to give it body, I couldn’t be bothered to cover the back of it.

I then sewed the pockets on. They needed to have enough room to fit two bombs each so I sewed two small pleats into the bottom of each pocket.


To complete the outfit I added a shop bought tutu and leggings . All done! It came back all in one piece, but somewhere in town we may have lost one of the little bombs. Not bad really.  And it was a joy to make. Win win.

It’s eurovision week this week and I have the fever! But I’ll see if I can allocate any time to the Colette Men’s shirt pattern I’ve cut out. More on that later…..





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