The horrors of the fray.


I am currently working on the Colette Walden shirt ,which I am really impressed with the pattern and instructions. But as all things go in the Crafty Mastermind universe things do not go smoothly.

In all of my excitement I measured Mr CM, made a copy of the pattern and eagerly cut out the fabric, all good. I began to add the pockets to the shirt front and then suddenly realised that I hadn’t washed the fabric. Crap.

I was in a dilemma, do I just make the whole shirt and just hope for the best when I stick in the wash or, do I wash all of the pieces now and see if it does shrink? As this was my first time working with linen I thought it’s best to wash it , I had no idea how it would react.

Important lesson.. ALWAYS wash dressmaking fabric!!!! The linen shrunk, weirdly in some places more so than others.



The other annoying thing was probably the centimeter I lost in fraying. Just look at it! It looks like some trucker shirt from the 80’s. I suppose if I used pinking shears on my fabric before I wash it, it may stop fraying.

Even the quilting weight fabric didn’t escape the wrath of the fray.


I’ve only got half a meter left of the linen so I have washed it and I’m going to try to add bits and re cut some cuff to try to get it back to the right measurements without it looking rubbish. Wish me luck!!!

on Eurovision…

It’s the Eurovision final  tomorrow night and after two nights of semi finals , with some predictable and shocking choices made by Europe (and Australia) of who should get into the Grand final . I’m now looking forward and crossing my fingers for Australia to win…although I think we will come 3rd if I’m honest.


2 thoughts on “The horrors of the fray.

    • thecraftymastermind says:

      Ha Ha! Well the short answer is that Australia is devoted to the Eurovision (due to large amounts of european immigration) and as a treat they have let them perform for the 60th anniversary. They gave them a little taste of this last year by letting them perform the half time entertainment (which was embarrassing). The more cynical would say (and as I heard on the radio) is that SBS in oz pays a lot for the broadcast rights and in a way perhaps it was bought. I’ve also read today that this may not be the last time you see Australia in maybe not a one off after all….

      What ever the politics Im ecstatic!

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