Vanishing quilting mojo

Its true I have put aside quilting for the last few months aside from making a few blocks here and there. Today I thought I should get a move on some of my unfinished works , but it appears I have lost some of my quilting mojo somewhere. It’s been a slow, crooked sewing start and I’m making more mistakes than I would like.

Tula Pink's City Sampler Quilts: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

I’ve been working out of Tula Pinks 100 modern quilt blocks . How much do I love Tula? Love her fabric ‘s ,which I’ve been hoarding for that special project (probably something like the La Passacaglia quilt which is so hot right now in EPP world  I’ll start in about 2020 knowing me.

Modern blocks is a great book for beginners, it has bold and beautiful blocks but there’s no a lot of complexity here, the odd square or arrow. I feel like I’m not putting in much effort which makes me feel a bit guilty. With the right contrasting  fabric s theses blocks really come alive.



Sorry I realised I may have published these blocks before. What are the chances!

500 Quilt Blocks: The Only Quilt Block Compendium You'll Ever NeedThe other book I’ve been using is 500 blocks written by quilting rock stars Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green. This book requires much more of your undivided attenion, even the easier ones. Not that should scare you, when they work out and I’ve not been slack they have turned out beautiful. Even if I am now sick of making HST (half square triangles).



But then how the fudge this one ended up wrong and half the size I don’t know.

Looks alright, okay a bit off in bits...

Looks alright, okay a bit off in bits..


Errm, no.

The other problem was It (the book) asked to cut 2 but only needed to use one. Why? I’ve got all these 2.5cm squares everywhere.

wpid-20150614_225827.jpgWhat’s a bit scary is the lay out.

I understand that you need to stick  500 blocks and a whole heap of great projects in it, maybe that’s why I’ve got extra cuts. I can’t follow instructions at the best of times and I tend to make up things as I go along. I read the instructions, read them again and if there is any kind of decoding needed then I just glaze over a bit.Thankfully with blocks you can just generally work out the lay out and the construction of it.

Some of them are still wonky and they are all supposed to be a finished size of 15.2 cm, err yeah that hasn’t happened.

42 down , 22 still to go…

To end heres a nice picture of glorious nature in the backyard. Even if the pollen is messing with me big time.




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