The Straight and the Narrow

I’m still ignoring the Negroni shirt and  after an overdose of Lego at Legoland (by ways of lack of actual lego), one sick child and no sleep, for  this week there’s more EPP! (yay)


It’s a big birthday for one of my friends this week and a fancy box of chocolates would definitely not do.

Out came 500 blocks again. I’ve been working quite a bit out of this lately and sometimes when I see a pattern in a book I know instantly who I would make this for. This was the case for the Georgetown carnival cushion.


I have made similar cushions before,  with each one it gets easier and  quicker.


One average Bollywood film later and it was all pieced. EPP is a bit like that once you start it’s hard to stop until it’s done. (This normally applies, just not to the ungoing/ongoing  project in my coffee table).

Will say I don’t enjoy cutting out all of the templates that is one hell of a boring task. I use old birthday and Christmas cards which I have worked out pretty well for me, even the cheap ones. Sometimes cutting each one individually can give the result of some slighty smaller pieces (I’m talking millimeters) but you can’t tell once its all together. There are some excellent shape cutters out there like the Fiskar hexagon cutter (cheaper than the Sizzix) which would have saved my hands pain, but once you have the templates you can re-use them over and over..winning eventually.

 wpid-20150628_165617.jpg   wpid-20150628_165234.jpg


EPP is easy to start, It’s what I got my sister started with and what I’ll get my Mum to try. Easy like Sunday morning and requires minimum gear and not at a massive cost . (good for tight areses)



Last few weeks have been about Spiritualized and FFS, weirdly both playing Glastonbury over the weekend, lots of iplayer catch up.

I love the Sparks and I love Franz Ferdinand. This collaboration works so well, it amazeballs.

Dont know where the Spiritualized thing came from this week, probably ipod shuffle it’s normally how it works.  Let it come down is beautiful and haunting, the follow up from Ladies and gentlemen were floating in space, it’s the ultimate come down album. (no misleading album title there)

Both of these acts played great sets at Glastonbury over the weekend you can see them on the iplayer for the next month.


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