Epic baking fail

I’m aware that of late I haven’t written as often as I should be and to be honest I think the blog is suffering in terms of readership, so I’m going to make an effort to write something every few days. This will not always be about craft, like today but I think the ship has sailed with me keeping a blog that sticks to one topic.

Another birthday this week, and lately my go to gifts have been baked goods (or craft goods either/or). I tried Lemon Drops out of the most recent Hummingbird bakery book “Life Is Sweet”.

It appears that I can only bake things well out of their Cake Days and every other book I run into problems. I think this was the first thing I made out of this one. (Was going to make the Chocolate bundt cake but it had a crap load of mayonnaise in it…yes mayonaise.)

So the biscuits were advertised like this

hmm yes they look nice

hmm yes they look nice

But turned out like this…

wpid-20150630_195953.jpg  wpid-20150630_200028.jpg

WTF happened here??!!!!!

I follow recipes to the T. If it says cream for 5 mins, I’m standing with that bloody hand mixer for 5 minutes. I left them in the oven longer than stated, my oven is crap yes, but I had a temperature gauge in there (also questionable at the moment).

They turned out all soft and cake like and they all stuck together in the box. My 4-year-old gave them the thumbs down..I never get a thumbs down. They taste nice but I would not like to tarnish the baking reputation by giving these sad pathetic cake biscuits as a gift. Hell no.

Desperate I went to my culinary goddess, the one who has never let me down, Nigella Lawson.

Her recipe of the day on her website was Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What can go wrong, chocolate on chocolate action? I can say they turned out ok I’m not 100% happy with them, but they will do. I left the first batch in a bit long and they got slightly burnt on the edge…they did not make it into the gift jar.


There is SOOOO much chocolate in this they are incredibly rich.She was not joking when she said “these are the chocolatiest cookies you will ever come across.”

If your familiar with Nigella’s cooking most of her food is rich (classic rocky road for example). But this is something else, this knocks it out of the park! So much so I attached a warning to the jar.


And they are MASSIVE! So much so that half the batch wouldn’t fit into the jar and so that did needed shavig down. These are much more akin to an America cookie than our tidily little UK biscuits. I could only eat half without feeling ill.

..but they would be amazing with ice cream!!!!


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