I dont want no scraps.

Look at this mess. Just look at it! It’s all of my scraps and off cuts and some bigger pieces. This was because I spent most of Sunday trying to put together 13 blocks. (Didn’t even sew them just cut ’em up and stuck ’em into lunch bags).

I really can’t be bothered sorting this out. I started with a system but once I take it apart I really truly can’t be bothered putting it back in order. I think I need a better system. Some sort of mini filing system.I think I just arrange this like my life in some sort or organised chaos.

And some of these cuts are taking forever to get used up! (it’s always the ugly prints).


Mr Crafty got bored and busy this weekend…..


That is all lego.

Short on laughs today. Now I’m trying to think of stories they have all left my head, every single one. For some reason the only thing I could remember today was as a young child every Saturday morning my mum would give me a dusting cloth and make me wipe the skirting boards. Why? Wish I knew. It caused many a fight, I only wanted to watch She-ra or Video Hits.  I think she once said it was because I had little fingers.

Musically speaking

I watched God Help The Girl last night, a side project for Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian. Long and the short of it, it’s a very stylstic film, looks beautiful, nice cheography. The story line is a bit wishy washy. The story line I can only describe as typical. Young, 20’s, been there done that kind of thing.  But the soundtrack is brilliant. Very 60’s sounding.

7 thoughts on “I dont want no scraps.

  1. Daniel Bromley says:

    No, I don’t want no scraps
    Scraps are offcuts that can’t get no love from me
    Hanging out in 13 blocks
    Of the material box
    Trying to holler at me

    Liked by 1 person

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