I said I would write much more frequently, but that has not happened due to procrastination, stress from work and waiting for some photos (you will see that when they arrive) so instead todays topic is about…..

Distraction, it’s evil and time-consuming and I really should have spent the last couple of evenings just wasting time, sitting around or claiming “I’m doing research” when all I’m doing is spending hours and hours deciding what fabric to buy and after hours and hours not committing to buying any of it.

Buy John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine Online at johnlewis.com

Rockette wanted a sewing machine for Christmas, but as when asked “what do you want for your birthday?” followed by her reply, “oh I don’t mind really”. I have no choice but to give her a john lewis mini sewing machine. (or more Lego Friends with the annoying voice). Which is going to be the dark green one and not the pink one because the green one was £15 cheaper. I’m hoping stickers of Unicorns will correct this issue. (psst if you see Rockette, don’t let on, she doesn’t know what she’s getting…She’s really hoping for a minion fart blaster )

With new machine goes accessories! Cath Kidston sewing box on sale, check.

Next fabric, I got it stuck in my head…. (sorry I was slighty distracted by the sound of a drunk old lady coming out of the pub declaring “isn’t this a nice place to live?!”)

Where was I? Oh yeah I got it stuck in my head that Wild -wee gallery by Dear Stella would be amazing for her. Look at that it’s like little fabric dress up! Amazing.


 how cute is this?? Tutorial below (not mine sadly!)


And then I thought oh here’s a reason to buy Heather Ross’ Far Far away finally.


I spent hours looking for these particular ranges. Its irritating there’s only one of two bits of it in this shop, or one or two bits in the states, or this one has the right print in the wrong colour. And then when you do find a more substantial range of fabrics they will only sell them in half a meter…I dont want half a bloody meter.

I have settled for two bits, which have to come from America. Do I want to pay the shipping of £12?  Do I want to pay the tax when it arrives?

So I’ll probably sit on the basket which has way to much stuff for me in there (I was supposed to be going cold turkey) , and then not get anything;Cause she will be 5 and provided its pink with some sort of unicorn, princess, love heart, frozen, animal on it, she wont care what it is really.

But I did waste about 5 hours I’ll never get back and I did help me take my mind off the evils of my job so really job well done. I’ll just finish that quilt, build my new website, plan a birthday party, cleaning my dump of a house,  tomorrow……


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