Small strange occurances.

Today started as an ordinary day.

I say ordinary with a sigh because lately (for a long time really) it has been full of stress and complaing at work.

So I went home and looked at more fabric, managed to tear myself away to sew a few blocks.

The first labeled up bag didn’t match and I couldn’t find the right pattern, so I just made it up.


The second block, I sewed together some quarter square triangles, did it wrong and inadvertently made little bunting instead.


If that wasn’t sign enough to quit I rush made another block, which I’m not really keen on. Crap should have quit..well I wasnt really ahead was I.


Later on just before dinner a local pcso (police community support officer) knocked on the door. They look like policeman, last time they came round it was due to a fake bomb threat/evacuation. No panic, more curiosity peering through the peep-hole.

“Nothing to worry about, man parked his bike  against the pub wall and it was stolen did you see anything?This wouldn’t happen back home. Back in Australia if the police came to the door , it was to tell you there was a murder in the street and did you do it?

Not enough excitement?  5 minutes later something fell down the boarded up chimney with a massive thud. It sounded like a cat, but could have been a massive freaking rat or like a seagull. It started to scratch around and bang trying to get out.
Like a horror film….
Freaking out I ran out screaming. Then all was quiet.
Rockette super brave kicked the wall for any response while I hid behind a chair. Nothing.
Hopefully its gotten out and not the other option that I start to smell in a few days…

update -its a bird, it’s still there, it’s 11 at night too late to get someone to remove it…day gets stranger..


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