About, around and complaining.

I went over to London this weekend to see Belle and Sebastian play at Somerset House.


No review, the band did have an odd set list choice, they closed with a downer of a song which always has a weird sombre effect on a crowd (they should have closed with the party line, much more upbeat). So it was good, but not absolutely amazing which was a shame as I had been waiting years to go and watch them.

What wrecked the experience was the audience conduct again, I’ve complained about this before , I’m going to do it again… https://wordpress.com/post/67467493/583/

Belle and Sebastian were probably most successful in the late 90’s, even though they are still making amazing albums. The audience thought it was still the 90’s. There was smokers right next to me, one who lit up every 15 minutes, who still smokes like that ? I spent half the night trying to hold my breath and breathe in the opposite direction, didn’t work still got a headache.

There were people taking selfies during every song. Yay your here, now annoy everyone around you and pose idiotically for photos of yourself.

But worse than that was the audience treating the band like they were some CD on in the background. There were times I could barely hear the songs for mindless chatter about god knows what, school fees, house prices, what wines they bought last year in Seville…I’m assuming general wanker-y conversation.


Why were they there? Mr CM put it perfectly, it seemed like a piece of paper (newspaper say, we know which one) told them they should be here (to appear to be cool) so they all came. It was unbelievable and this situation is getting worse as I get older. Teen’s and people in their 20’s are more musically intense and there to immerse themselves in the experience & the music. Beyond that there are more and more who would rather get drunk and talk loudly about how amazing they are .It’s bloody annoying and rude.

On the up side I did go to liberty, I went because I was dressed for it (in a nice dress) and no one would think I was a shop lifter and follow me around (which is what happened when I went in 2003). Did pick up two fantastic Oliver + S patterns for a fiver each, who would have guessed In Liberty of all places. And they put your receipt in a little card….class.

I also ate cake and doughnuts, a lot of them. I justified that it helped my stress levels come down (which it did).


Liberty also had two of the most beautiful quilts hanging in the store to celebrate their 140th anniversary. I’ve been looking lately at a book called Art Quilting which I may just buy and do a quilt more like these ones.




4 thoughts on “About, around and complaining.

  1. Colesworth says:

    I’m going to Dandy Warhols tomorrow night in BNE (‘presplendour party’ with other bands in a smallish venue) and I’m really wondering what it is going to be like. Haven’t seen them for over 10 yrs at big day out in the stadium.

    Also heading to LDN on a plane in a week and was thinking of going in to Liberty after watching the 2 series on cable, even though I didn’t think I would be able to afford anything, but would love a purple bag and a receipt in a card! Which o+s patterns did you get?


    • thecraftymastermind says:

      The last time I saw the Dandys was at the Corner Hotel in Melb in 2002. It was full of Hippies and Stoners so it was a chilled affair. God knows what it will be like know. You’ll have to let me know!
      Liberty’s bargain racks were labeled up as £250 or less! But by the time you get there they will probably still have the patterns in their sale box (there was alot of them). I picked up Musical Blouse & skirt and Hopscotch skirt, knit top and dress pattern. Have fun in London, Is it your first time?


      • Colesworth says:

        I have made that hopscotch dress as a nightie for my daughter about a dozen times over 4 years. I skip the shoulder elastic and front interfacing (make it all on my overlocker). I’m thinking of making the skirt for her this weekend (to go with a class picnic top) and have an o+s bucket hat cut out – it’s available for free on their site.
        Have only been to London twice and it’s been 8 years I think. My Swedish friend is visiting there now and says it’s hot, but the temps look the same as current Brisbane winter!!


      • thecraftymastermind says:

        It is really pleasant here, I did describe it as “it is like this all the time in Queensland” last week. But the weather is differnt to Queensland, as it get’s really muggy so it may appear it’s 25 but it’s more like a Melbourne 29/30 just because of the mugginess (like Sydney) Enjoy! Hopefully it wont rain too much.

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