Skirting Saturday

wpid-20150801_174253.jpgIt’s school holidays, this means I’m able to do precious little in terms of crafting / baking/ project planning etc. I’m even up early to write this before Rockette wakes up. I’m not moaning much, I’m happy to be off work….I spoke to soon she awakes!!

The sewing itching bug was getting to me though.  I have my mum’s birthday gift that needs finishing but I have to be in the mood and some weeks I just want to make skirts  and others I want to just quilt.

Last week Rockette choose some fabric on a sale table. So I thought I would get her making a basic kids skirt, you know the type, elastic top, sewn in sides but I added pockets.

I’ve made this kind of skirt before,  ,but that time I made the elastic too tight, she wears it now but not for long.


I was optimistic,  she cut all of the pieces out with excellent precision for a four-year old whilst jumping over the chairs and mucking around with my machine.



I had shrunk the pocket sizes from an adult skirt and sewed them into the seams.

We got to closing the raw edges with french seams . she did the first three side’s quite well then got to the 4th and said “this is boring!!!!”

This was too much for my almost five-year old who stated “am bored now!” I finished it off, I’m not sure what I expected, I should have started her on a cushion cover (next weeks project) and this time the skirt’s a little bit big, but it stay’s on, it can be her Christmas dinner / Buffet skirt.


Inspired, I spied in my stash the It’s a small world corduroy, I had picked up half price on my last trip to London. I wanted to make a simple a line skirt and had ideas of mashing a Tilly  pattern with the above pattern, then I thought I would make a simplified version of the Oliver + S hopscotch skirt, mainly because I thought I didn’t have enough fabric…. (I only had 70 cm instead of the 1 yard/ 91cm suggested, I had a fair bit left over)

Like I have said before I’m not the best at reading patterns properly, I kind of rush into things. I had  A few cutting errors like cutting the pattern the wrong way on the grainline , making up what I thought what were supposed to be pockets and realising they were elsewhere on the pattern AND missing  the waistband and interfacing. (note not a great idea to stat cutting out a pattern when a child is hanging off your neck hassling you to play).


Left at home alone and 5 hours later (WTF??)  and it was done. I spent an hour on that bottom button-hole which my machine not once, but 3 times decided to just keep on sewing in one spot. Very nearly destroying my fabric.

Pattern matching is bad, again would get me kicked off the sewing bee, I think in real life no one is really going to care.


Exhausted I’ve put it away and now thinking of making a basic gathered skirt with some exposed elastic as a waistband.

I started this blog at 7.30 am…it’s now 10pm, it’s a good example of the way things are rolling.

In other news

On August 16th 2015, Rockette and I are doing our first “Run” (I plan to dance all the way) for a charity that is incredibly close to my family’s heart Demelza children’s hospice.  We are trying to raise money as they only run on donations. We have a page on just giving and if you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. I will continue this campaign on Facebook just to annoy everyone.

Thanks for everyone who has already donated!









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