Non stop cushion action.



I’ve been like a woman possessed. With a week till Rockette’s Alice in Wonderland birthday party, I looked at my outdoor seating and sighed  at the two weathered kids chairs out there. Which wasn’t going to be enough, So I had the idea to make a load of cushions and then make a short flat table japanese style table to put them around.

I like making cushions, they’re easy you can use any fat quarter fabric you like and I never measure anything , I just rest the fabric on top and cut around the sides where the seams meet up.

After making 4 plain ones (and giving a lesson to my friend on how to make a 5th), I got bored.  I started to jazz it up. The first one was from this months Love quilting and patchwork magazine.



It was the first time I had used Bondaweb for ages, I forgot how much fun it was to use. It was all attached with the iron and then free motioned for detail and security. I’m normally very uncomfortable with free motion, but as  the look was “messy” this suited me just fine.



Then I got addicted so I cut out a love heart template and fussy cut some hearts, then Bondawebed and free motioned them too.



For the birthday girl I picked up some beautiful Alice in Wonderland fabric from Japan, used the Bondaweb again and then sewed the ric rac around that.  I did this bit before I had to go to work , but I wish I hadn’t. It was 6am I must have been a bit groggy and I ironed the I slightly left of the middle. Once that stuff is on you can’t  get it off. (or maybe you can but I’m not sure how). I did think of maybe adding strips to the side, but after making 8 cushions I couldn’t be bothered.






Oh the craftiness doesn’t let up this week. Rockette wanted people to dress up, I nominated myself for tweedle dumb but I look so bad in yellow that is not going to happen.

5 thoughts on “Non stop cushion action.

      • thecraftymastermind says:

        We should do! I never had any sewing lessons. I went to a free get to know your machine with brother people which tught me how to sew in a straightish line. I got bored and someone spent the rest of the afternoon teaching me a bit of free motion. All i needed was a couple of good books, the internet and Michaelas advice when things went wrong! She did help me make my first skirt.


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