The long and winding quilt

I’ve been quiet on the quilting front for ages. I’m in the middle of 3 with my mind on at least another 2 I want to make. But I finally finished one! Thanks to a moment of Marie Kondo inspired tidying frenzy. I couldn’t stand seeing this half-finished quilt hanging around anymore.


I started this in 2013, it was my second quilt I picked the Rosewater from Sarah Fielke’s Hand quilted with love. It looked like an easy one for beginners and I had bought lots of fabric for Rockette.


I pieced the top all together easy enough, but if I can remember I had problems understanding the measurements (what’s new), but once I was off it came together easily enough for a beginner. I then got distracted and started experimenting with sample blocks from the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters book. So whilst learning different quilting techniques I amassed a few different sized blocks. So I pieced it all together to make the back.



I put it together and then I stopped. I kept meaning to quilt it but other things got in the way, gifts, learning to make clothes, work, other quilts but probably the biggest reason is that I hate quilting , the process of shoving that whole quilt under my small machine is just something I don’t like dealing with. I get stressed etc.

So when I finally had enough of it cluttering my space I manically putting it together. There were a few problems which I had forgotten about such as ..


How the frigg did that happen???I did loose my princess but I used her in the quilt label in the end.

I had plans for this, I wanted to free motion flowers and vines into this. Two years ago I bought a book on free motion and I downloaded a course on Craftsy. Come 2015, I’m still crap at free motion and I don’t think I’ve even watched my Craftsy course.. I started with a few different ideas, half which I left all over the quilt. I really had no idea what to do with it. I hate quilting, did I mention that?

Problems?, Look at my crappy lines which were a rookie mistake. I spent ages on un-picking all sorts of wonky lines and dodgy hearts. Sewing the hearts were as decorative as I got and it wasnt easy as I did it with a normal sewing foot (free motion was too messy and my walking foot is making all kinds of weird sounds).



But I sewed the hearts first which any quilter will tell you is a massive mistake. Work from the middle out when quilting, not here there and everywhere. Rookie mistake and caused puckering everywhere. So much so one square so so bad that I had to cover the bunching by appliquéing a bit of old t-shirt over the top.


I’m not overly happy with it,  I made so many mistakes I’m not sure what was going on. I think I was in a rush and knowing I should have really been working on another quilt was my undoing.

I finally made my own binding (for the first time on this scale), I made way too much. I also realised I need to buy a bias binding maker.


Anyway so now it’s not stashed in various corners of my house. I’m just wondering how long it would take for Rockette to get food all over it.



4 thoughts on “The long and winding quilt

  1. Colesworth says:

    Came out great in the end, it’s so satisfying when they’re done! I’ve had a set of fabrics waiting around to be made into a quilt for about 4 years, finally decided to simplify my plan so that I can make it at a sewaway weekend, now I’m itching to get piecing right away (not looking forward to the actual quilting though!)


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