A block like a bad run of Tetris.

I’ve got writers block, I’ve had it for a few weeks now. I could really do without it at the moment as I have some deadlines coming up and I need to be going for gold all of the time.. But I’m not . I’m looking for inspiration which last’s about 10 minutes, then it’s back to distraction.

I’m easily distracted. I get a cuppa, I go to eat something, put tv on, even do the dusting ffs. This is what I’m doing now, I should be coming up with small pieces of witty gems but instead I’m watching Dave Gorman and writing this instead.

I’m sorry I should have put up some pictures of the quilting blocks I’ve  been working on, but I haven’t taken any photos of my current projects …. Oh lets talk about the horrors of  taking photos indoors of fabric in good light in Autumn in the UK. Let’s not it’s too difficult. It’s more difficult when you a) don’t have any proper lighting gear and b) you’ve not got many photography skills to begin with.

Well this entry isn’t going to win me any new followers so l’ll just add this week photographic curiosities. Which does include a block I have made.


That’s a nice bit of quilting I’ve done there if I do say so myself. hashtag fakefreemotionrevolution (I can’t find the hash tag key on my Mac).


I can’t lay claim to making this, it was all Mr CM’s handiwork but she was part of my weekend. I should have taken a photo of the 20 minute q I waited in at the Canterbury Food festival for a wrap. The wrap was ok, but not VERY GOOD as the people behind me claimed it to be. Shouldn’t of listened to them, they were strangers after all…. and I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping to be fair.


That’s not a bad photo. I did take that.


Trying to waste 20 minutes at work.

Sorry about that… my procrastination is of no interest. Next entry I’ll try to have something of a bit more worth.


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