Just a bit of show and tell

wpid-20151011_104848.jpgIt was that time again, I prepared myself with a shit pair of boots, a bag that was too small, a phone with only half a battery and a sandwich that resembled a squashed wafer. Satisfied that I was well equipped ,off I took myself over to the knit and stitch show. I wasn’t expecting lots, which was good

I got there later (1pm) on a Thursday because I hate crowds. I hate throngs of people, I hate personal space invaders. Trying my best to avoid , but my best wasn’t not good enough, I was still crushed against haberdashery stands and  suffered bruising from aggressive Nan’s who hang out in gangs . But things began to settle after 3pm (My guess was some people needed getting home, countdown was just about to start ).

By about 3 I was bored, my eyes were overexposed, I had already criticised a self embroidering sewing machines and I hadn’t bought anything except some ruler grips..I know “gripping”.

Problem was it was all the same as previous years. Other than the odd new stall replacing the odd old stall, everything was a replica of last year. Aside from being proper impressed with the Merchant and Mills stand, which I’ve taken no photo of, almost everything else was uninspiring. Maybe I’m hard to impress.


Loving the movement of this liberty lawn

But the main purpose I mainly go to this mainly white ,female, over 30s show.. (snooze, doesn’t anyone else sew?) Is for the Eternal Maker and  Alice Caroline stalls. (http://www.alicecaroline.co.uk/) Alice Caroline trades in liberty  and I am all about the scraps for a  quid each. I also  bought some Alice in Wonderland fabric off bolt in very small measurements, it suits my tight arsed life model.




As I’ve been collecting bits over the last few years to make a quilt (and I only refill when I’m at the show) this was mainly my whole reason for going. They’re very nice too. Wish I’d spent more regrettably.


soz, should have ironed them.



ahhh all silky like

Like I said It was all a bit meh, anything else I went there for had already sold out (boring) I did pick up my Tiny dancers by Heather Ross finally. Which I plan on making a cheats fast dress whenever I can find a spare five fu*king minutes. That’s not happening soon. (Should I be doing that instead of this?..probably).


All in all it was a good day, even if the coffee was awful, I did meet a few nice stall holders, did buy some fabric and I did look at haberdashery which is the whole bloody point . It just needs some glitter or something to make it a bit more exciting..Magician maybe?


2 thoughts on “Just a bit of show and tell

  1. Colesworth says:

    I dipped out on the Brisbane stitches/quilting show last weekend. I had planned to go on the Sunday morning. I used to go every year, sometimes taking a day off work. I thought I might find a fabric for binding my latest quilt top and avoid some postage on some notions I haven’t been able to find locally – but it had already been such a busy and expensive weekend that I ditched it for tidying/cleaning and cooking – sigh. You picked up some great pieces!


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