She’s got a ticket to Ride

wpid-20151014_200305.jpgI’m not going to go on, but I feel I should put some closure on previous Ride posts which was here

Ride had finally announced another show at Brixton Academy, for a few reasons I’m quite glad that fate shone badly down on me the day I tried to get tickets for the Roundhouse and couldn’t. Firstly  the floor is slanted in Brixton and you can actually see if your short , it can be tough going on the thighs standing on an angle, and as I’ve discovered, even worse if your dancing .But I could still see …this I feel is a major benefit.  Secondly as mentioned in previous posts I did have the video of Ride Live in Brixton in 1992 so it was a deal, a big deal.

I was hesitant and not really excited before I got to the venue. I was worried about them being disappointing or playing a bad set etc etc. I tried to deflate my hopes so I wouldn’t be disappointed. I tried to avoid all new live footage and what I did see from field day was ok but didn’t fill me with complete joy. I think I was still upset about the Roundhouse fiasco (I know still..get over it!)

Not sure why I worried really…..


Seeing the venue , and their name in lights , electric currents rippled through me. After 23 years I was finally here. My brain was having trouble processing it all. Yeah I know this sounds dramatic, (but it really was).

They started at 8.15, holy crap I wish that warning was put up somewhere on social media. I was still in Stratford at 6.30 deciding if I wanted a bubble tea or not. I’m glad I didn’t or I could have missed the start. We got there with about 15 minutes to get settled, not even enough time to get a beer.

On they came and that was it. The opening to “Leave them All Behind” was enough to project me back, oh it was all very emotional. All the love I had for them all came to the forefront, not quite the giddy teenager still lusting over Mark Gardener, But  like a switch was flicked on.

Then I danced, I danced like I didn’t give a shit, like there was no one around. I haven’t done that for years and it felt so liberating (I highly recommend it). I felt like I was back in the  early 2000’s when I used to dance all night in a Carlton at a nightclub called Supermarket  which would play British indie all night, Ride would always be played for me. So strange, like time had slipped away. It felt amazing.


There were 2 sets , the first one the “hits” and then the second set was “Nowhere” in full for its 25th anniversary this year. The set lists were amazing, knowing well they couldn’t play everything they did cover a lot. Some of it sounded messy, how much was feedback, how much was a dodgy speaker system and reverberation I’m not sure. It didn’t bother me that they missed a few notes or a line was sung out of turn, I just kept on dancing trying to stop people getting into my personal dance circle or pushing past me carrying beers.


And then they were finished, and it went so fast! I really didn’t want it to end . I didn’t want to go back on the tube and then on the very delayed high-speed home. I didn’t want to go back, I was happy in that suspended time bubble.

Reluctantly I left the venue with my ears ringing (they were very fu$king loud in parts) , and in true 90’s style bought an illegal T-shirt outside the venue that was lying on the floor for a tenner off some geezer.


If you haven’t heard of these shoegazers before ,  try them out.

The whole experience was just amazing and it has made it into my top 6 shows ever, along with A Nick Cave solo show, Suede playing Dog Man Star in full , The first time I saw Kiss (and only the 1st time), Beasts of Bourbon at the hi-fi when Tex Perkins played a whole set with a massive gash on his head and the Chemical Brothers in Sydney in 2000 or something. (This is the top of my head list it would probably be different if I thought about it.)

In more 90’s news I’m going to see  a reunited Lush play at the Roundhouse in May…I’m not setting my hope too high for that one either .

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