Hello There!

Thanks for visiting.I like to rock and I like to sew.

I’m quite new to the sewing thing so this im hoping is a journey in cataloguing all of my mistakes and to show to the world that its ok to mess it up and leave it that way. I’m not a perfectionist and if I think about things for too long I go spare and feel a little bit sick. I mainly love to quilt but willing to try my hand at anything really. I’m a bad knitter and my hand stitching leaves room for improvment…huge improvment.
Im also addicted to fabric. Its a problem.

On the music side of things I have worked in music since I was 18 up until a few years ago when the whole retail industry went to hell in a handbasket. So now I don’t have as many people to rant at about music to. So why not tell the world??? I’m sure they will appreciate it.

My tastes are all over the place and If you are looking for a purist you have come to the wrong blog. I like everything (but opera, please don’t make me listen to opera…except prehaps Gilbert and Sullivan) but these post will mainly lurk in alternative music and tip over into rock and pop maybe a bit of dance and a bit  of old hip hop. Please don’t let me bore you to tears.

I’m an Australian living in a beautiful part in the South East of England with a massive cathedral in the middle of it.


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