Before there was quilting

It took me into my 30’s to get into sewing/quilting . Before that I had a huge amount of creative energy with no real outlet. I tried drawing and painting (oh my god I suck more at that than knitting) , baking (as you all know I still do) and even scriptwriting (one completed script which I still think is funny and a lot better than a lot of dross that comes on film. Just wasn’t happy with the main story line.)


In the middle of all of this I did a stamp piece. I thought of this when I had gone past an art gallery widow a few days ago and someone had made something not as great, more like a Pantone chart and was changing £300 for it.

I had just moved to York from Australia in the early 2000’s and I was still half heartedly collecting stamps and postcards(Still do if I find a particullary bad one from the 70’s) .

I went past a small stamp shop that was selling huge bags of 1st and second class stamps for about £2. Kind of like a magpie, I was taken in by all of the colours in the massive bag and it was a bargain. I took it back to the shared house and spent the next 2 months cutting them all out neatly (a lot were still attached to corners of envelopes and postcards).

occasionally there would be a hidden gem printed on these.

wpid-2015-07-18-09.05.04.jpg.jpeg                   wpid-2015-07-18-09.05.43.jpg.jpeg         wpid-2015-07-18-09.07.20.jpg.jpeg

wpid-2015-07-18-09.06.10.jpg.jpeg           wpid-2015-07-18-09.02.30.jpg.jpeg           wpid-2015-07-18-09.01.44.jpg.jpeg

wpid-2015-07-18-09.01.01.jpg.jpeg            wpid-2015-07-18-09.00.13.jpg.jpeg


It made me think of the life of the letter, what was attached to the stamp? What secrets did it hold? Was the recipient please to receive the letter?

I painstakingly  glued each small square in a straight line and laid the out. I loved it. I have moved all over the UK and it has hung on my walls wherever I’ve lived.



As I’m putting together a rainbow quilt now I realised that this was my first quilt, my first paper quilt.