Dancing By Myself

Today as I was walking the long school walk I had the iPod on shuffle and Prince’s Raspberry Beret started playing. It is my favourite Prince song and If I’m at home I’ll instantly break into dance. But this time I was in public and I had the uncontrollable urge to start making some serious 80’s jazz ballet moves in the park, the kind of moves you see in a video clip.

I’ll warn you I’m not a dancer, 5 lessons of Jazz ballet ,doing the chicken dance at all weddings and thinking I can breakdance isn’t really going to get me into any dance studio. But when I was young my career choice was music video choreographer, this was before I realised that you needed some actual dancer skills to direct dance videos.So in a way I have always matched music, image and dance together.

One of my dreams is still the same one I had when I was 6 which is to don a red dress, go into a foggy field and blast Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush from speakers whilst doing the dance in full. It’s hard to try not to stop the car when I drive by  a field.

I’m also always very nervous about signing in public (funny that seeing at a time I was a singer) so If anyone says to me how does that song go? 9 times out of 10 I will do a small dance as well as sing the song very out of tune.

So here I am in a park wanting to break into dance and I can’t. Why can’t I? Why can’t any of us? Why can’t we just break into song and dance like in musicals. Or even at the very least break into dance more while we’re shopping. (I say ‘more’ because I already do break into dance if I hear a good song on in a shop. My local Tiger store plays brilliant rock n roll music, I’m always dancing in a small manner, not like letting it rip but there is dancing in my steps)

I’m sad that we don’t live in a world where it is completely acceptable to just start dancing. I’m not talking about street dancing or flash mob dancing all of that is good a thing but that’s not what I’m talking about, that stuff is too organised and at times over-produced and very slick.

I’m talking about spontaneous, spur of the moment dancing,  in the shop just having a bit of a shake down, in the street doing some kicks and jazz hands, breaking out a bit of MJ’s moves in the bakery, doing a twirl with a trolley (without causing public damage), breakdancing in a meeting at work to show my displeasure. I wish I could do this more, in fact all the time.

It’s ok to do it when you’re a kid, it’s perfectly acceptable but once you get to your late teens most of us stop. We shouldn’t stop?! I’d love to see anyone over 35 just start breakdancing, even if they are not good at it…..especially if they are no good at it, more the reason!

I would love to live in a  world where we all could be a bit more like the Bjork video It’s Oh So Quiet. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a Gondry world?

In the end I resisted the urge to dance in the park, which was hard when it was followed by Prince’s “You’ve got the look”.I’m no richer for it.