Kitty Lacy needs a utility belt.

It was world book day last week, Initially my lil rockette wanted to go to school dressed as Sleeping Beauty, which was a boring idea. So after a thought about what costume I could cobble together in a week I managed to convince her that maybe she could go as Kitty Lacey the hairdresser in the Fairytale Hairdresser series. Im not a massive fan of these books in one sense mainly because of the formula. All of the princesses have a problem (wicked witch, not human, evil step mothers etc.), normally they haven’t met their prince but after a make over and a new hair do, they do and they normally get married. She is really very effective.

Of course all is well now they are married, which makes me question what message am I giving my child. Why would any of these princess’ want a career or anything like that? (This why I prefer the book Interstellar Cinderella which is much better, she just wants to be a mechanic and refuses the princes proposal preferring to be head mechanic, it is brilliant).It is targeted at 4-6 year olds so I suppose I’m not the right kind of audience.

Even so, I still thought this was a better character than Sleeping Beauty… I stated my case as such , lets rationalise-, Kitty Lacy is an independent business owner and an expert in her field, she’s a problem solver and has a creative eye, which is perhaps why you should consider going as her for WBD Instead of that lazy Sleeping Beauty ,Rockette agreeded. The real reason I suggested this was because the costume is made up of jeggings, a t-shirt a blazer and a pair of boots. She has pink & purple hair which I sorted with pink & purple hairspray (she was thrilled with that!) So it took little effort.

Until I thought that she would need some sort of hairdresser utility belt to hold all of her tools in.



There was little on tutorials online for a hairdresser belt, so I made it up as I went along…

(Sorry about the bad photos it was late at night, the light isn’t great in my front room)

I cut two rectangles of contrasting fabric for the front and the back of the main pocket piece and then put some wadding in the middle. For this I just guessed the size on my child and then held it up against her to make sure it wasn’t too big or small.Lazy I know, but it’s not rocket science. I put that bit to one side.


inside pocket.jpg

I then did the same with the front pocket, I cut a piece the same size as the first pocket, then folded it in half.  I sandwiched the two pieces with wadding and the sewed the lines to make the pockets. Again I just looked at what needed to go into the belt and made the pocket sizes accordingly. I finished the top part of the pocket with bias binding.



finished 2.jpg

Once this is done, I put the front pocket on top of the back and clipped bias binding all around it, except for the top and top stitched the binding to sew it all together. If you wanted to add an elastic loop to add some hair straighteners then do that at this stage. Fold the elastic in half and put it flat against the binding on the back.

bias top

To finish sew the bias binding to the top making sure you leave enough either end so it can be comfortably tied up.

finished back.jpg


It came back in one piece but the hairdryer was too big and that ended up in her school bag.  It only took about an hour, piece of cake.

Is it to early for Eurovision chat?

On a different subject entirely, the UK entry has been selected for Eurovision and for once the public have voted for the best song. I liked this song by a long shot, fingers crossed the UK do better this year….but better than Australia? Doubt it, and I’ve just seen Russia’s entry and’s really very good and so is France’s. It’s only 2 months away and I’m already listening to my best of Eurovision play list & planning the party I’ll bring back this year.



Magical world of Alice in Wonderland



Rockette’s decided last year that her birthday theme this year was going to be Alice In Wonderland. I’m not sure why she picked this as it was way before the 150 year celebrations had begun. She has that gift of picking stuff just before it gets cool.

This year I wanted to make the backyard magical, like the parties I never had (mine were always at Mc Donalds). I started planning a few months ago, stopped and then panicked about two weeks before that I hadn’t done enough.

I was going for thrifty Pintrest. Looks amazing but cheap as chips.

The paper flower pom-pom things were Ebay buys from Singapore or China or Hong Kong I can’t remember but I got 40 for around £11.


I normally don’t like putting picture of Rockette in here but there is a severe lack of photos with any detail without her in them. Dont worry, there were other kids there

All of the print outs were free templates that I had been putting on Pintrest for ages.  And the giant cards were a quid online.


That’s not even a picture of the completed table! I did want to put more china on there but the china was on loan and there was going to be 5, 5 year olds and a baby so probably not a good idea.


The books were borrowed from my work the napkins were 40p from Ikea and the frame I think was from Poundland.


Other things were picked up in sales. Like that beautiful lampshade garland was £1.99 in the Lakeland sale and the straws I bought ages ago from Waitrose for 49p a pack. Giant Flamingos a quid from the evil amazon.

The most expensive garland was a ball one that I bought from Tiger which I thought had a £1 price tag and was 3. I was ripped.

In the last blog I wrote about the cushions I made for the seating and the table was a tenner from Argos, we just sawed down the legs. But you get what you pay for  as half way though the party one of the kids took it down. But it served it’s purpose and did well.

It was hot that day, one of the hottest days the UK has had this year. The kids were melting by hour number 3.


The sad thing about the party is that I spent so much time running in between the house and outside getting food and drinks etc that I felt like I missed a lot of the party. Rockette’s Nan dressed up as the Queen of hearts and did all of the party games, which was a godsend.

Before I knew it, it was over . But at least I could get out of my Tweedledumb costume which consisted of a printed t-shirt from e-bay (2 for 14 quid) and a hot thick red winter skirt (it was all I had). All the kids appeared to have  a good time which is the main thing.

Superhero’s ready!


Rockette announced two weeks ago that it was going to be superhero day at school and that required a costume. I offered to make it …strangely excitedly. Again never done it before but I’m enjoying challenges lately.

So this was the brief, which I drew out.


Her name is Poppy (random name, no clue to where that came from) and she shoots love hears from her wrists (a-la Spiderman) and Ice comes out of her feet, painful with a Frozen theme I’m guessing.

It was to be pink and purple or wait it’s going  to be blue. The colour scheme for this changed a few times. So I drew up this plan asked her what she thought and with a fleeting glance in between Spongebob episodes I got a half-hearted “Yeah that’s wonderful mummy”

I started to scour the internet for tutorials, now being a quilter (predominantly although you wouldn’t know it at the moment) I wasn’t happy with the “fold  fabric in half and trace round a plate for the neck”. What kind of plate? Not technical enough. But I did finally find one here   I only half heartedly followed the instructions. I did use the brilliant template. But the rest  was my own doing .

wpid-20150513_132902.jpg wpid-20150513_135825.jpg

The outside of the cape was some cheap polyester stuff for £2.99 and the inside was some crappy poplin I bought when I first started sewing and made a few buying faux pas.

Where I differ from Nancy’s instruction was with the hem. Once I got to the bottom I just folded the two hems in, pressed, clipped and then top stitched. I did think later I should have just sewn all around.  I also just top stitched the logo onto the back.



You may notice that the cape is in pink and purple. Not intentional, lets just say tightarse strikes again. I was in a rush when I bought it and I said “half a meter yeah that’s enough. Even holding it up the wrong way against Rockette . Erm, no that didn’t work.  Hence why I used the back up fabric.

But it worked out for the best as it’s A PAIN to press that crap polyester so  I was grateful to have the cotton to press on instead.


wpid-20150515_073336.jpgFor the logo’s I used normal Kona colours and  I iron on interfacing to give it a bit of body. The snowflake’s are made out of felt to ensure it dose’nt go out of shape too much. Again just top stitched it on to a H&M top which worked out easy enough.


A girl needs add on’s! Everything was made out of felt except the belt. I had trouble looking for the right stiffness for the mask , the world of felt alludes me. I luckily found some excellent felt I got free off a magazine.

wpid-20150515_072221.jpg  wpid-20150515_072256.jpg

The wrist cuffs were soft felt with velcro attached to either end. This could have done with being of sturdier stuff as it suffered a bit during its day out at school. I was instructed to design one on the cuffs with a type of screen phone so she could be alerted to where the bad guys were. I had to top stitch everything. I bought some “permanent glue” at the craft fair which hardly worked and couldn’t be trusted to keep the two pieces of felt together.

wpid-20150515_072053.jpg wpid-20150515_072309.jpg

Yes they are bombs. If she was really specific about anything from the word go, it was that there had to be bombs . To throw at the bad guys! So they were made with felt and stuffed with a bit of wadding (that big thick horrible kind). The belt was fabric Kona which again I used a medium iron on stabilizer to give it body, I couldn’t be bothered to cover the back of it.

I then sewed the pockets on. They needed to have enough room to fit two bombs each so I sewed two small pleats into the bottom of each pocket.


To complete the outfit I added a shop bought tutu and leggings . All done! It came back all in one piece, but somewhere in town we may have lost one of the little bombs. Not bad really.  And it was a joy to make. Win win.

It’s eurovision week this week and I have the fever! But I’ll see if I can allocate any time to the Colette Men’s shirt pattern I’ve cut out. More on that later…..