Glitter joy.

glitter jarsWell what brought this about? Well I’m (finally) getting married this August, yes this August..that’s not far away in planning terms. As a song once went”money too tight to mention” and this has lead us too the D-I-Y weeding of the century. I’m no stranger to doing parties on the cheap..looks like pintrest, came from e-bay kind of thing. But this is hardcore, multiplied by a thousand.

Were going for bright laid back BBQ so I have confetti punches and round punches and glitter all over the house. So I started making the centrepieces. I have seen jars very similar to these in my local fancy department store selling for about £4.50 each.  But I thought I’ll give it a crack see how it goes. Was pleasantly surprised. Even though my kitchen has suffered.

This is a good thing to do with kids too , Rockette made some mess but on the whole did a good job after I touched it up.

All you need is old jars, PVA glue and some glitter. (look for big tubes at discount stores like b&m bargains for  £1.69 and e-bay etc as you do use a lot of it. I know paper chase have nice colours but your going to push doing even 1 jar with their little tubes.
DSC_0153First just squiggle the glue round the jar. If you wanted to do a half covered jar, you could always cover the point with masking tape for an extra neat finish (I was lazy)

Then get a paint brush, or like me a cheap plastic kids knife and distribute the glue evenly around the jar. One important point here. If you are doing a half jar, make sure you don’t have any glue on your fingers when holding the jar from the inside. Its very difficult, nigh impossible to remove later on.



On the first go we laid the glitter on the plate and rolled the glue in it. This didn’t give proper coverage. Its better to shake the glitter over it and let the excess catch in a plate underneath.










Let it dry. Let it dry then put on another coat of pva glue…thats it..looking good.

glitter 2

Just make sure it’s evenly distributed, sometimes dabbing works better.

finished product

Not sure how robust they will be, but they have been sitting on the microwave for a couple of days with no probs.

Like I mentioned earlier, my kitchen suffered. Put down some sort of newspaper or cover. I can’t vacuum or mop it off the floor either . Im not complaining too much about it, it looks a bit magical.

messy kitchen


In the shop the big news is that I’m taking pre orders for Tula Pink Hardware! This is a first for the UK  (I know can you believe it?) If you wanted some awesome sewing gear just head on over to the shop!

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 16.28.47



The joy of a birthday wreath

This will be part 1 of 3 for birthday news I’ll start with the easiest one making a birthday wreath.


I’ve made one of these before for christmas but that time it was with wool . As last time the idea for this  came from the book Everything Oz  by  Read-Baldrey & Leech. It is so easy and fast to make I think I finished it during an episode of Taskmaster (half an hour in earth time).

It’s not rocket science, just pin the back of the ribbon to the polystyrene ring. (note I bought my ribbon at 79p a meter and then found 15 meters in Tiger for a pound. It’s worth shopping around).

Then wrap it round until they meet.  I then cut down some fake flowers I bought (man fake flowers are expensive) and secured the base of each one with dress pins.  I had some mini cards so in they went and then I glued some photocopy pictures of Alice In Wonderland  to card stock and secured them with dress pins too.


The number 5 was reduced in Hobby craft so I just pined that one to the back.



I think it works better than the crappy foil banners you buy at every card store.

Hens night to end all hens nights (no not really)

I have for the first time been bestowed with the honor (or horror if you like) of being asked to be a maid of honor. As well as other such duties this also includes arranging a Hens night. Generally as a rule in my 20’s I avoided all such things like you would a contagious disease. But as I have gotten older I have had to go to such events and I have also arranged one or two of them. Even when I wasn’t in the bridal party for either of them, they were more work do’s.( The make your own pizza at pizza express was great fun I highly recommend that if your stuck for an idea.)

What I’m finding difficult this time around is that the beautiful bride is the absolute opposite to me, she’s a girly girl. She loves Bridget Jones diary chick flick stuff, girls slumber parties,having face masks and so on. This is fine and all good, someone has to like all of this stuff, just not me.  But this is what has been asked of me , to arrange a chick flick slumber party without the sleepover. It shouldn’t be too hard really this kind of stuff writes itself so to speak doesn’t it?


The food side of the plan is a breeze for me as one of my life’s great pleasures, it’s all pizza and brownies and cute little biscuits ,I am in my element there. But party games and participation..oh now I need help. The poor bride has seen my face and said please don’t stress I will sort out games (which according to every website going is a big NO, it supposed all be a surprise).

The problem is I like to arrange fun parties, great decorations, great food and music. I normally try to go to town within the restrictions of my budget. But I’m out of my comfort zone of knowledge and I worry about everyone being entertained, the last thing I want to hear is someone go “well that was boring”. I have this whole dread that it’s going to be like parties I arranged for people as a teen. I need to provided for the masses not the quirksters.

But Instead of researching ideas on pintrest in the end I spent most of the evening on viber with my sister discussing if I had to have one (Hens, I never have had one for the record) what would I do. The original idea started off as Drinks (copious amounts with cocktails) baked good (or any sort savory and sweet) and then a screening of either Coming to America, Police Academy 4, Spaceballs or Xanadu. What would be even better was to rent out the local small cinema and do a triple feature for example Breakfast Club/ Napoleon Dynamite/ 16 Candles for example. You get the picture.

But then I thought what could be fun (and boring for most other people aside from my sister,I and probably my male friends) would be the same formula as above but change the films to 6 hours of bad music videos. This is how my sister and I spent our youth from 15 – 25 watching late night tv sometimes till 5am if it was a particularly good night watching Rage in Australia and drinking and eating (well drinking when we were over 18 of course). The sad part was that we turned into a pseudo Beavis and Butthead when we watched these.

With that in mind, what would make it better would be to make it of night (and I cringe to use this term) Glamping in my small backyard. It would be great to have a massive projector and speakers and some sort of outdoor screening set up with tents that you could roll into afterwards. (Now I’m getting ideas, stop me now…I’m not even getting married anytime soon).


After this brainstorm we spent the next few hours frantically searching You Tube sending each other bad videos from the 90’s most of these being Australian. Of the one’s we found most amusing is the one I’m going to share mainly because of the ridiculous dancing that is involved.

Whats with the cage, the random jumping ? Someone needs to tell the drummer his missing a drum kit.

I think it’s sad and funny in a way that I’ve not come very far in all of these years and think that this would be a fitting way to spend my last night living with my maiden name. In fact why does this need to even be a hen’s do thing? I could just do this anyway, I don’t need a conventional excuse.

:: Outdoor cinema ::  (image found on


And I’m sure the “Keep calm and wear big pants” Hens do will go fine. I like a challenge and I’ve got a few ideas.