Glitter joy.

glitter jarsWell what brought this about? Well I’m (finally) getting married this August, yes this August..that’s not far away in planning terms. As a song once went”money too tight to mention” and this has lead us too the D-I-Y weeding of the century. I’m no stranger to doing parties on the cheap..looks like pintrest, came from e-bay kind of thing. But this is hardcore, multiplied by a thousand.

Were going for bright laid back BBQ so I have confetti punches and round punches and glitter all over the house. So I started making the centrepieces. I have seen jars very similar to these in my local fancy department store selling for about £4.50 each.  But I thought I’ll give it a crack see how it goes. Was pleasantly surprised. Even though my kitchen has suffered.

This is a good thing to do with kids too , Rockette made some mess but on the whole did a good job after I touched it up.

All you need is old jars, PVA glue and some glitter. (look for big tubes at discount stores like b&m bargains for  £1.69 and e-bay etc as you do use a lot of it. I know paper chase have nice colours but your going to push doing even 1 jar with their little tubes.
DSC_0153First just squiggle the glue round the jar. If you wanted to do a half covered jar, you could always cover the point with masking tape for an extra neat finish (I was lazy)

Then get a paint brush, or like me a cheap plastic kids knife and distribute the glue evenly around the jar. One important point here. If you are doing a half jar, make sure you don’t have any glue on your fingers when holding the jar from the inside. Its very difficult, nigh impossible to remove later on.



On the first go we laid the glitter on the plate and rolled the glue in it. This didn’t give proper coverage. Its better to shake the glitter over it and let the excess catch in a plate underneath.










Let it dry. Let it dry then put on another coat of pva glue…thats it..looking good.

glitter 2

Just make sure it’s evenly distributed, sometimes dabbing works better.

finished product

Not sure how robust they will be, but they have been sitting on the microwave for a couple of days with no probs.

Like I mentioned earlier, my kitchen suffered. Put down some sort of newspaper or cover. I can’t vacuum or mop it off the floor either . Im not complaining too much about it, it looks a bit magical.

messy kitchen


In the shop the big news is that I’m taking pre orders for Tula Pink Hardware! This is a first for the UK  (I know can you believe it?) If you wanted some awesome sewing gear just head on over to the shop!

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 16.28.47



Things that still make me homesick

I’ve lived away from home for so long my homesickness for Melbourne is fewer and further in between, but sometimes It flares up. Normally this will happen In January and its cold, wet and miserable in England and I yearn for the big blue skies and northerly winds that burn your face off.

Other times , when things feel a bit complicated and I want to go back to a time when I was a lot more baggage free. This is when I get homesick.  And then sometimes, like today I was listening to an old album by The Ice Cream Hands while avoiding all other jobs that needed doing, whilst claiming putting together a play list is “an important job”.

Music is a funny thing preying on emotions and bringing up feelings, such as home-sickness, or to pin point a particular time. The thing is, if someone said what does it feel like? I couldn’t answer it. More like if you get the chills or pins and needles, but in a good way.

It reminds me of the time when I was a wide-eyed kid and had to Interview someone for a school project and in some weird way it came about that I could interview Chuck Jenkins who would go on to be in the Ice cream hands, but at the time was in a sadly ignored band called the Mad Turks (this could have had something to do with the shit front cover).


Champagne glasses are a nice touch.

I asked him a few dumb questions because I was only 15 and he answered them in a very dickish way like a snarl wrapped up in a leather jacket. I went away with his record,and a signed poster. The record I didn’t play until I was 20 and loved it & the poster I gave to a second-hand record store. I don’t blame him for being a dick, he was 25 and probably thought he  deserved more than sitting in a 80’s designed office and have to tolerate a kid who hasn’t heard his music. Poor snarling man, I love his work now, no damage done.

All this from one video.


I’m not sure how this blog ended up finishing like this today, It was supposed to go another way,  but there you go.



Easter sewing joy.

As it’s Easter I wanted make something using some of the great bunny fabrics we stock, although I couldn’t choose between Ghost bunnies or the Moon bunnies. What I did know was that I wanted to make the Brumby from skirt.


It had a zip, so was hesitant (I’ll get onto to later). But I gunned for the ghost bunnies after asking on instagram. For the inside pocket detail I used some of my own stash, bright pink with birds was a good contrast even if you can barley see it.

pink sea.jpg

Used my  Swedish tracing paper again, loving that stuff! I then measured out just under a meter and a half (130cm to be exact) of the ghost bunnies for the medium size. It was so easy to whip up, I mean super easy. If it wasn’t for the zip, I would say this is perfect for a beginner. Unless that beginner wants to learn how to put in a zip.


I’m always too excited when I make these kind of things, so as usual I didn’t pre-wash my fabric, but being med weight cotton it should be fine.  But the pattern matching in the middle I probably should have thought about more. But in a weird way I like the half rabbits, like they are synchronized.


The instructions were straight forward, but perhaps made some of the steps sound a little more complicated then they actually were. The pockets were fun to make and easy.

pockets raw


zig pocket

I also didn’t have any problems with the gathering as I had in the past. I was worried that the waist band was going to be to small but once I attached it, it was a bit big really. Although I think by the time I got to the waist band, I was doing what I always do and just ignore the rest of the instructions and make it up as I go. Because of this the inside waistband had a raw edge which I folded under but the stitch work is pretty wonky under there. Too wonky to take a photo.


attaching band

Shall we talk about zips?  The instructions with the pattern seemed a little bit complex, and as it’s only my second time putting a zip in I went to my trusty Love at first stitch and followed Tilly Walnes tutorial.

OK I got cocky, I put up on instagram this…

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 20.24.31


But I was only half way through, dick. I wasn’t concentrating when I put the 2nd part in it sewed it on the wrong side of the skirt. Being stupid I didn’t realise this had happened until I put the skirt on, so all the seams were done, the skirt was hemmed , it was finished. I did contemplate taking it apart to fix it but I just couldn’t be bothered. And besides who was really going to see it?

zip 1.jpg

What people could see was the other dickish thing I done  was not match up the top of the zip. What is with the stupid gap?? Again I could have fixed this but again it would mean a lot of unpicking for something that not many people would really see (stop looking at my arse).

DSC_0094 (1).JPG

After all of that, I’m really happy with it. The interfacing I used was left over from another project and was too stiff for my liking, next time i’ll do it with a soft to medium weight one.

skirt 2.jpg

But it sits well, I didn’t have any difficulty with the gathering or anything like that. It was a straight forward delightful pattern that I’ll make again. Maybe in the Moon bunnies or The Mustang pink arrows for Summer…just need to concentrate more!





Farewell Thin White Duke


For  all the hours  I spent learning to play guitar along to your albums

For all the rotations of the turntable,  for all the clicks of the ipods and all the twists of cassette tapes

For all the sing-alongs wether in the kitchen, the car, the shower, in public at bars or arm in arm in the second row of your concert

For all the hours watching your music videos

For all of the hours spent digging through vinyl bins at record fairs for decent copies of your LP’s

For all the hours in darkened rooms with headphones immersed in and amazed by your music

For going out with boys because they looked like Bowie during the low era

For all the spins on the dance floor

For the lullabies I sang in replacement of traditional fare

For that costume in the Labyrinth

For Ziggy & The Thin White Duke.






this is the dress your looking for.


After the excitement of my shop launch, it’s all back to business on this blog. Im hardly writing at the moment and when I do it appears to be about Star Wars craft, it’s not going to end I’m afraid as I’ll probably put up some more stuff up later January. Its all Star Wars fever aglow here .

Ages ago I bought Rockette some Star Wars fabric with a view to make a dress for Christmas. I had the idea of a jersey top because all of her favourite dresses are jersey based with this medium weight cotton skirt. But as December approached I still didn’t have any jersey and not having actually sewn with it before, I was scared…. so I cheated.

1 Cheap plain black top from Next and half a meter of fabric later and it was pretty straight forward. I found quite a few tutorials on pintrest but all I did was use one of Rockettes dresses for the sizing and cut the top to the same size as the bodice




Then I used the full half meter length, cut it in half and then sewed the seams together using a french seam as I hate raw edge’s. I made a gathering stitch along the top.


This is where I stopped taking photos. It was 11pm and the light in my front room is bad for any kind of photography. I slipped the jersey top head down and joined the two together.

It lacked the shape I was after. I then sewed a thin elastic on top of the seam, which did improve things. But next time I make this I’ll try it with stay tape or bikini tape to make it more lightweight. Med weight cotton and the elastic together made it a bit more bulkier than I would have liked.


I would have liked a much more defined gather. I thought I had done enough to give it a good gather and make it “fluffy” but I think I lost a lot of it when I sewed the bodice to the skirt. Next time….


To finish I wanted a cute little pixie collar. All I did was draft the shape on some tracing paper, (including the seam allowance) cut out 4 pieces and 2 bits of interfacing . After sewing then together I left the end at the shoulders open, then tried to fold them neatly under & top stitched. I attached it with a running stitch to the top (running/ slip stitch on the back) . I tried to be lazy and do this with a machine but it turned out awful.


She was happy she wore it on boxing day and it held together (except the collar which needed resewing).

Thanks for everyone who had a look at my new online shop last week! it’s been great and have had some amazing feedback from some well respected pattern makers, it’s been thrilling. The highlight was the nod from Colette patterns. If you still haven’t had a sqizz come have a look !


Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 10.34.47

All is revealed, I become a shop owner.

I’ve been blaming my lack of entires due to being busy. I have been, but now I can say proudly that I have opened up an online shop selling amazingly cool fabrics and brilliant patterns. Woo Hoo!


This baby has taken over 9 months to come about…it feels like I’ve had a baby really . This all came about for a mixture of reasons, but mainly- a year and a half ago I started moving from quilting to trying to make clothes (well kinda round the start of this blog). I was frustrated to the point of tears that I wanted to make a certain pattern but I had no idea what fabric was suitable,  and then when I found the fabric that was suitable it was only available in America with rubbish shipping costs.I was trying to teach myself and found most online stores incredibly unhelpful. Then my local stores weren’t a lot better.

Enough of that! So I started to plan what I would like out of an online shop for dressmakers, quilters & crafters(as you do).

It had to give amazing customer service, a place where you wouldn’t be ignored or fobbed off because you asked a rookie question. It would also have to suggest what fabrics and haberdashery that would work with what patterns. It would have to be  cool, modern and aimed at up starters, like me as well as experienced sewists .

fabric .jpg

It had to offer the rock n roll of fabric , cool, unique and unusual with a zero percentage of twee in it. No old lady flowers, no repulsive novelty prints and no cheap horrible itchy fabric that would tear your skin apart. Along with that modern patterns made by independent pattern makers that are easy to follow and does not assume you know anything about dressmaking. It also needed to offer a decent shipping price. I always hated paying a flat rate of £3.00 when all I wanted to buy was a Fat Quarter.

Things changed with the process, some ideas were unrealistic for now, some just didn’t match what kind of store this was developing into and some were put on the back burner. But the core idea’s above have remained and everything above is what I set out to achieve.

There are stores out there similar but ,I’m trying to take a different approach. Im trying to bring an in-store experience into your homes, we have a playlist that you can listen to whilst you shop, immersing yourself in the CMM experience.

But what I’ve put together was something I never thought I would be able to ever do. It was a massive learning curve in some ways, like trying to get my head around so much tech. But with the help of some trusted friends I’ve built a modern clean looking website , hopefully from the perspective of a geeky, fabric obsessed, slightly awkward and shy, novice maker who can access a website only armed with the basics.


So please take a look around and let me know what you think. Were in early days and I’m taking baby steps in the launch of this. Giving it a couple of weeks to establish ourselves and iron out any unexpected issues before I go nuts with the promotion. But I would love this to work, so If you could spread the word and share the love it would be amazing!!! We do ship worldwide and not at rip off prices.(which has been a headache to achieve).

We have bigger plans for the future, with expanding ranges for the spring /summer  but for now lets get this off the ground and hope that you love us and what were trying to do.

As you have made it to the bottom were offering 10% off all first orders at the moment just put woohoo10 in the voucher box at checkout. And UK shoppers get free delivery with orders over £50!! (don’t forget to enter the code yofreeship in the voucher code box).


I’ll be back soon..with a Star Wars dress.


The party crasher

wpid-20151113_184941.jpgI think I  gave up awhile ago trying to dedicate my blog just to sewing. I haven’t touched my machine in such a time because of other projects, I’m worried I forgot all my technique. Oh well hopefully like a bike.

Instead last week I felt like a gatecrasher.

You know when magazines run these competitions, win an afternoon with your favourite band, or have dinner with Bieber or go swimming with Swift, you get my drift. I inadvertently  fell into this on Friday with a band who was not on my top list of artists, but I have their albums and I enjoy their music but aside from their lead singer I couldn’t pick out in a crowd.

By the sea festival was on at Dreamland in Margate on Friday. They has opened the park especially for show goers with the show headliner Hot Chip playing in the Roller Disco rink. Sounds like fun. Got there early (embarrassingly before the gates opened, uncomfortable), went into the park and had the whole place to ourselves. Here’s another myth, how ace would it be to have a whole amusement park to yourself? Answer not very. I felt like I was in an episode of Scooby Doo in a deserted amusement park expecting some villain dressed as a sea monster to attack us.


We had to wait for the newly opened scenic railway, so we headed towards the dodgems. Hot Chip had the same idea and followed us, It was only us and Hot Chip, nobody else. Whilst their lead singer dj’ed I spent most of my time blushing whilst trying to avoid hitting them, all the while it was filmed. I don’t know why I found this mortifying, but I did. I felt like a gatecrasher and I just wanted the thing to end. They were perfectly nice in the way famous cool music nerds are,  but I just felt like a nerd instead. I couldn’t get off that ride fast enough…except I couldn’t . The guy let us all go round another 2 times…By the end of that I was just going to jump off , even if there was a threat of a third.

Then we waited for the scenic railway, and so did the band. It was like following them in reverse. Honestly I was not being a “fangirl” I’m much too old for that, and after some disastrous meeting of  bands as a teenager (god do not get me started on Sonic Youth) I avoid most people with any degree of fame at all costs. But we went on, thankfully only once round and then after that I split.


Hot food, cold night. i didn’t eat the sausage.

The ground was still deserted. The staff was great for a chinwag as they had no other customers. It was a shame as I’m sure they would think twice about opening that up again for about 20 people.

It got cold, real cold but once I got to my beloved 2p arcade machines I was happy, lost £2 but it was the joy I had in losing it. We did collectively get enough prize tickets to get Rockette  (who was at home in bed) some rubbish Frozen activity pack, winner!

Band were great, but woe of woes the crowd were not. I feel like resident complainer of crowds. The only image I’m going to impart is people dancing, quite vigorously with raised glasses of wine. Yeah wine.

Velma Dinkley

I had to get out, I was squashed, hot and not having a good time. I stood in a bar cue for 20 minutes trying to buy a coke and dancing there. I had much more fun. Maybe I’m just Velma from Scooby Doo?


During the band interval break, news had been breaking about what had been happening at the Bataclan in Paris at the same time. It changed the whole mood. It was shocking, these people were just doing the exact same thing we were, but they were killed for it. Its fucking horrible, and terrifying.






The Straight and the Narrow

I’m still ignoring the Negroni shirt and  after an overdose of Lego at Legoland (by ways of lack of actual lego), one sick child and no sleep, for  this week there’s more EPP! (yay)


It’s a big birthday for one of my friends this week and a fancy box of chocolates would definitely not do.

Out came 500 blocks again. I’ve been working quite a bit out of this lately and sometimes when I see a pattern in a book I know instantly who I would make this for. This was the case for the Georgetown carnival cushion.


I have made similar cushions before,  with each one it gets easier and  quicker.


One average Bollywood film later and it was all pieced. EPP is a bit like that once you start it’s hard to stop until it’s done. (This normally applies, just not to the ungoing/ongoing  project in my coffee table).

Will say I don’t enjoy cutting out all of the templates that is one hell of a boring task. I use old birthday and Christmas cards which I have worked out pretty well for me, even the cheap ones. Sometimes cutting each one individually can give the result of some slighty smaller pieces (I’m talking millimeters) but you can’t tell once its all together. There are some excellent shape cutters out there like the Fiskar hexagon cutter (cheaper than the Sizzix) which would have saved my hands pain, but once you have the templates you can re-use them over and over..winning eventually.

 wpid-20150628_165617.jpg   wpid-20150628_165234.jpg


EPP is easy to start, It’s what I got my sister started with and what I’ll get my Mum to try. Easy like Sunday morning and requires minimum gear and not at a massive cost . (good for tight areses)



Last few weeks have been about Spiritualized and FFS, weirdly both playing Glastonbury over the weekend, lots of iplayer catch up.

I love the Sparks and I love Franz Ferdinand. This collaboration works so well, it amazeballs.

Dont know where the Spiritualized thing came from this week, probably ipod shuffle it’s normally how it works.  Let it come down is beautiful and haunting, the follow up from Ladies and gentlemen were floating in space, it’s the ultimate come down album. (no misleading album title there)

Both of these acts played great sets at Glastonbury over the weekend you can see them on the iplayer for the next month.


In and out of the dog house.


I have been with Mr CM for quite a few years now, and almost every year bar probably 2 I have forgotten our anniversary. Each year he remembers, buys a very thoughtful gift makes me breakfast and he always gets the same reaction (blank expression) “Oh that’s nice of you what’s the occasion?…(pause)…oh shit not again?!”

This year I felt extra bad, not because it was a big one or anything, but other years I’ve been distracted and had an excuse, this year I really didn’t have one. Lets just all come to the conclusion that I am shit.


I’m sorry rubbish UK weather means all my photos turned out a bit dark. I’ll put up a new one as soon as the sun comes out. (So August then).

 So I needed something big, the bag of fiery ginger beer bon bons and the little Lego Simpsons Moleman wasn’t going to cut it. I needed a grand gesture….

Then this idea popped into my head mid apology. I think it was so I could hang it up to ensure I’ll never forget again (Whats wrong with putting it in my phone as a reminder?)

When I first started looking online for ideas for flags there wasn’t many. I had a particular flag in mind and I couldn’t remember where I saw it from. At first I thought it had come off one of Nelson’s ships but that Google search proved unsuccessful.

So I had to work from the image in my head, watch out.

wpid-20150508_115834.jpgI wanted to turn in applique the words, but there are so many of them it was going to take another week so instead I sewn around the raw edges which made them look worn and “rustic” trying to give the impression that it had been sailing from the top on the mast over choppy sea’s for years.

The border sashes were easily cut strips of Kona solids that I’ve had lying around for years (one day I will have the whole bundle of solids in my stash, the day I stop being a tightarse). The whole thing was quilted with easy lines.

On the back, just before I sewed in the bias binding I made the loops out of some other binding scraps, wide enough for the flag quilt to hang off a dowling rod.

On the subject of bias binding and my bad track record, this time it turned out perfect. How is a mystery, especially considering it had the two triangles at the end.



 The whole thing reminds me a bit of Tracey Emin’s quilts. Maybe it had planted a seed in my subconscious years ago and came out a bit now. Without the swearing of course.

Hate and Power Can be a Terrible Thing 2004 Tracey Emin born 1963 Purchased 2004

Hate and Power Can be a Terrible Thing 2004 Tracey Emin born 1963 Purchased 2004

I’m feeling a bit rubbish cold like, possible shock of general UK election result today so I shan’t write anymore. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Glitter of Eurovision

Rule 101 in blog world is apparently not to confuse your readers by blogging about random things.  But I would hope that all the lovely people who do read my blog will not freak out. This is a blog about sewing and music, and today this is about music…well almost.


Loved around Europe but ridiculed in the UK , the Eurovision song contest turns 60 this year.

For those unaware of what the Eurovision song contest is, it is a competition for the best song in  “Europe” in which 40 countries compete. After two semi finals participating countries are knocked out of  the competition via public vote to the final, where they are joined by the winning country of last year and the big 5 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) who are the main sponsors of the competition so instantly qualify .Each song is then voted for by each participating country who can score 12 entries a maximum of 12 points descending in order to a minimum of 1. This year will be different as Australia will also join them in the final as an extra a one-off 60 year special. (No you havent lost your mind the geographical map is still the same)

I stated watching the competition properly with parties in 2003. I’ve been devoted ever since. It is a thing of strange beauty, it’s full of farce, strange gimmicks, bizarre dance routines, block voting controversies and really odd intervals.

The UK has done poorly in most years since they last won in 1997. Considering the UK’s rich tapestry of musical input past and present, to the novice they should walk it. But they generally don’t  send good representation. They send the likes of  Daz Sampson (creepy & pervy ), Scooch (they thought camp would do well), Jemini (the uk’s only nil points result) , Bonnie Tyler (love her, bad song) and in my opinion the worse entry Josh Dubovie meets Pete Waterman. Someone forgot to tell the selection panel that it wasn’t 1988 anymore. There have been decent attempts with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jade Ewen in 2009 but it was against Fairytale (see below) it really didn’t have a chance making it to a decent 5th.

There concludes this history bit, I could write a book on the bloody thing. I can go on.

Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits Part 2

So as I started, Mr CM was incredibly lucky  to get tickets to the Greatest Hits show  on Tuesday at the Hammersmith Apollo in London (but not in the west end, as it may be broadcast as). I was thrilled and to be honest I can’t remember the last time I genuinely had a really great joyful time at a show.

I’ll say now that we were prohibited by the BBC to take any photographs or videos so I’m going to have to use the promotional ones from the Eurovision website.          Thomas Hanses (EBU), Guy Levy / © BBC 2015

Hosted by the very funny Graham Norton and Petra Mede,  It was a show of winners and then some. Quite a few were before my Eurovision time such as Bobby sox, The Herreys and Anne-Marie David  but they were still entertaining.

The atmosphere was pretty festival like, full of devoted enthusiastic fans which made it so much more fun.These fans were hard-core who put me to shame. They had been to most of the finals night in past years around Europe and had travelled quite a distance to be at the London performance. It made quite a difference from watching it at home with people who really are not bothered about it.

They all did sound amazing, even acts like the Brotherhood of Man who appeared in 1976, still sounded the same. Other amazing performances were some of my favourites such as Loreen and Lordi who probably got the biggest applauses of the evening.

Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits Part 2

I didn’t realise that the lyrics to 3 time winner Ireland’s Johnny Logan’s “Hold me now”had lay dormant in my head since 1987  (It was massive in OZ, I think I had it on some now ’87 compilation) and magically all spouted out of my mouth like a spring. You see I can’t remember how to do long division but random lyrics, this I know.

Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits Part 2

What you won’t see in tonight’s broadcast is the what is becoming mandatory booing  (not  from me) poor Dima Bilan received because he is Russian. This happens every year at the Eurovision shows due to Russia’s political stance. I did feel sorry for Dima, it’s really not his fault (unless his involved somehow that I’m not aware of).

Graham Norton got (rightly) quite cross with the audience and reminded them where they were and to behave. After that scolding the audience behaved and Dima took it in very good grace. In the end he did a great performance and was appreciated by the audience. They made us re-record the clapping to dub the introduction.

The highlight of the evening was Conchita, she sounded even more amazing live. But the bigger highlight was Dana International and Conchita performing Waterloo together. Amazeballs.

Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits Part 2

I just hope I wasn’t filmed shamelessly singing like a nerd in the second row..(on the side).

With over 1,400 songs ever entered into the contest I have picked  up my top 14 favourites over the past years making this 1% of all entries. I could have written the top worse but that would just make me no better than the cynics who think Eurovision is pathetic. I suppose I could do the most strangest entries which would included singing pirates, boastful bands, bad rapping, the elderly, and DJ Bobo letting us know vampires are alive. Not today tho.

Bar 2 all of  these are after 2003, and there’s not a “Waterloo” or “Making your mind up” to be seen.

14. 1979-(West) Germany – Dschinghis Khan-

This did not win, but its a good introduction to what to expect from Eurovision. A German group performing a disco pop number about a 13th century invader. The dancing Genghis  is what makes this, his really a bit scary.

13 1982- United Kingdom – Bardo- One Step Further

I’ve just added this, to be honest I forgot about this until last night, it was bugging me that I had excluded it. Not sure what happened to this on the night because the recorded version of this sounds a lot better.  Whats with that crazy on all fours dance? I think she over exerted herself. Tipped to win, came 7th. John Peel quoted at the time that this was his favourite Eurovision song of all time.


Almost but not quite, coming in third. Love a bit of smashing glass. Not to worry, Sweden won it the following year.


Since this won you will now find that in most years there will be a song that sounds like it from any number of random countries. The singing is a bit off, and I’m not sure about the rapping/talking bit. Nonetheless, winner.


I said this at the time and I still stand by it…how did this not even make it through the semi-finals? It scored pathetically low. There was a lot of blame of block voting in 2007 stopping quite a few western european countries getting through to the final.

When I was visiting my grandfather in hospital about 6 months after the event ,a loud debate broke out in the next room which included most of the ward patients, visitors and staff (this is Malta after all) as to why Malta didn’t get into the final. The general consensus was that Europe was racist and  that going with a Japanese theme was her big mistake…, that is that.


Rock ballads away! Bit Bonnie Tyler a bit Meatloaf. It never had a chance against Lordi but some years are just better than others. If this was entered in 2010 it may have done a lot better. (I say this just becuase I though 2010 was a poor year)


Eurovision is full of pretty boys, but none of them are Sakis I have a little crush on Sakis.


This is the kind of stuff people watch Eurovision for. Poor Jedward should have done better but 11th isn’t bad. If that wasn’t enough they returned with the pretty unforgettable Waterline in 2012.


It’s so quirky, it’s not in english. Something about the sea and love. This song doesn’t require translation for me I just love the song.


Norway are better known for receiving more nil points than any other country in history. But that was changed with fairytale. Isn’t he sweet? Having the ability to play a violin also helped this win by the biggest points difference in Eurovision history with 387 points.


It was loud, there were costumes involved, and axes and fire. It’s novel but the song is also great. Possibly the first rock track to be crowned victors. Dont know how much it harmed their “metal” reputation.


Austria has had a bad run in the past, so bad that they left for a few years. Like a phoenix they came with this song .It’s all class, you forget about the beard or if it’s a man or woman.  Should be a Bond theme. 2015 is probably going to be full of copies.


The beauty of this performance was there was no gimmicks. There was nothing to distract you from the song other than the shadow lightning. Wonderful dance track, It won deservedly.


We all know I love Tellier, and its something that must happen once or twice in a lifetime where your real life music loves crosses into the world of Eurovision. Its bizarre, and so was this performance. It had everything , a drunk Frenchman, women with beards before Conchita, a golf buggy and helium filled globe . Sadly the rest of Europe didn’t feel the same (including the French who weren’t happy that it was sung in english, hence the one line sung in french “why must I sing in french?”) and it finished 19th.


While were on the Subject of Eurovision I have to mention the greatest episode of Father Ted ever made. In “A song for Europe” , egged on by father Dick Burn  Ted and Dougal enter the song “My Lovely Horse” into the contest representing Ireland. It makes the final chosen because it’s so bad that Ireland can guarantee they wont win (and therefore not need to host ) it again.

There are calls from fans every year for Ireland to enter ‘My Lovely Horse’ (written by the Divine Comedy), it was put for consideration to  the Irish  government for this year’s contest. It was turned down… maybe they don’t want to win.



*Eurovision Greatest Hits is on the BBC 1 tonight at 9pm.